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Citron Buddha's Hand

Citrus medica sarcodactylis digitata - The Buddhist lemon

Citron Buddha's Hand


Article number: 2193601

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This product will be released at 1 April 2018

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Product information "Citron Buddha's Hand"

Growth: Upright, slow growing
Flowers: Violet buds, large, white flowers, strongly fragrant, typical yellow stamens, main flowering in the spring and autumn
Fruits: Bizarre form, fruit splits into fingers or tentacles, every fruit is different; here there is no more flesh, only peel and albedo; intense fragrance
History and use:  In the Buddhist religion, this mythical-magical fruit is presented to Buddha and given away as a lucky charm on New Year's Day;
use as a room perfume, for spicy dishes and meals
Frost hardiness/overwintering: -2, -3°C; overwinter in a cold house at 5-10°C
  • Available April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Use greenhouses/winter gardens, for containers, South- and West-facing walls, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness place in an unheated room during the winter
  • Soil moist, dry, moderately heavy, light, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location full sun
  • Flower Colour white
  • Leaf Colour green

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