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Ichang Papeda, Switrus® ichangensis

A frost hardy citrus variety with an aromatic peel

Ichang Papeda, Switrus® ichangensis


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Product information "Ichang Papeda, Switrus® ichangensis"

Citrus Ichangensis, the so-called Ichang papeda, is probably one of the most winter hardy and frost hardy evergreen citrus species, if not the most resistant. This citrus species can withstand temperatures down to -15°C. Citrus Ichangensis, which we produce as plants here in our nursery in Buchs (CH) and therefore also call it Switrus® Ichangensis, originally grows mainly in central China and southwest China at altitudes up to 2400 m. No wonder the plant got used to lower temperatures. Citrus Ichangensis is one of the most exciting citrus plants for outdoor growing in Central Europe. In the past, much has been bred and crossed with Ichang papeda, mainly because of the resistance characteristics and because of its use as a rootstock (the root part of citrus trees), in order to provide colder resistant hybrids such as e.g. the Ichangqaut or the Ichandrin, which is what the kumquat or mandarin orange hybrids are called.
Short Description of the Frost Hardy Citrus Variety Ichangensis (Switrus® Ichangensis)
Flowers/fruits: The flowers exude – like most citrus blossoms – an intense scent. The medium-sized fruits have a rough, usually greenish peel, which can also lighten up a bit when ripe. The peel is thick and full of essential oils, some of which are also used for perfumes.
Maturity/harvest: Autumn or spring.
Flavour: Ichang papedas have little juice and are relatively full of very large, mono-embryonic seeds. The taste is very sour, with bitter notes; the fully aromatic, thick peel offers potential in the kitchen.
Plant spacing: 2 metres.
Location/growth: Ichang papedas, as the Citrus Ichangensis are also called, grow very compact and reach only 2-3 m high; in pots only 1.5 to 2 m; thanks to their compact growth, they are very suitable for growing in containers.
Pollination: Self-fertilisation
Training/pot cultivation: Little pruning is necessary; it forms a compact, dense crown.
  • Available April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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Jan 13, 2020

Can this be planted in the ground? (Barnaby B)

Can this be planted in the ground or does it need to remain in a pot?

Jan 16, 2020

Can this be planted in the ground? (Lubera)

Hi Barnaby, Ichang Papeda can be growing outside when you have a very mild climate (not below minus 8 degrees). Otherwise you have to keep it in a pot and protect in winter. Best regards from Switzerland

Nov 14, 2019

Citrus ichangensis (Jeremy Hamand)

Does this plant need acid soil and rainwater to thrive, or isn't it fussy?

Nov 15, 2019

Citrus ichangensis (Lubera)

Hi Jeremy Hamand, a normal good pot soil would be work. Must be not too acid. Kind regards from Switzerland

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