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Frutilizer® Instant Citrus

Nutrient salt for citrus and plants with a high iron requirement

From £9.90 *

Frutilizer® Instant Solution Fe

Nutrient salt with plant-ready iron

From £9.90 *


Fortunella margarita x Citrus clementina - The kumquat-clementinie

£55.40 *

Kumquat 'Obovata'

Fortunella jap. 'Obovata' - The Giant.Kumquat

£37.40 *

Mini Kumquat

Fortunella hindsii

£55.40 *

Oval Kumquat

Fortunella margarita - the dwarf orange

From £27.90 *

Round Kumquat

Fortunella japonica - The kumquat with sweet flesh

From £37.40 *


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