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Fig trees

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Fig Tree Abicou

Dark violet coloured, pear-shaped, sweet fruits with a yellow stem base

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Bella Brunetta Rossa

Numerous, slightly pear-shaped fruits

£29.40 *

Fig Tree Black Ischia

A rather smaller spring fig with green-red flesh

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Blanche Parfrenolles

Green figs with white flesh

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Bornholm Dänemark

Reddish-brown fruits with strawberry-coloured flesh

£29.40 *

Fig Tree Brogiotto Bianco

Moderately vigorous fig with green-red fruits

£46.40 *

Fig Tree Brown Turkey

Reddish brown, juicy fruits

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Brunswick

Beautiful, yellow/reddish fruits with amber-coloured flesh

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Columbaro Bianco

Large, early ripening fruits with sweet flesh

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Columbaro Nero

A southern Italian fig with dark fruits

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Columbaro Turca

A fig found in Lecce with reddish brown fruits

From £29.40 *

Fig Tree Conadria

Good quality, wine-coloured flesh, yellow fruits

From £29.40 *

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