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Heartnut trees

Heartnut Trees in the Lubera Garden Shop

This must be a breeders dream: heart-shaped nuts, in this case double heart-shaped – as a nut shell and as a core.

Heartnut Heartbreaker

Grafted heartnut with large nuts that are easy to crack open

£48.90 *

Heartnut Valentine's

Extremely high-yielding, grafted heartnut

£48.90 *


More useful information about Heartnut trees

The heartnut is, however, originally not from a specific breeding, but is a natural mutation of the Japanese walnut, Juglans ailantifolia. Botanists also refer to the heartnut as Juglans ailantifolia var. Cordiformis, meaning heart-shaped Japanese walnut. It is a mystery to us as to why this beautiful tree is not planted more frequently in Europe with its very long catkins, feathered leaves of 80-100 cm in length and stunning fruits (heart-shaped outside as well as on the inside). However, you can change this immediately by buying a heart-shaped walnut tree at the Lubera garden shop and planting it in your garden. Heartnuts are, by the way, self-fertile; however by planting two varieties you can increase the yield.

What is the Difference Between the Heartnut Varieties from Lubera?

We have chosen the heartnut varieties Heartbreaker and Valentine's for our range (and for your garden), due to their heart shape, better fruit size and better fruit quality, the late flowering period and above all the perfect nut cracking! With Heartbreaker and Valentine's, the shell can be opened gently at the seam so that the heart-shaped core can be removed and enjoyed as a whole. If you take a heart and eat it immediately, it will be complete for your eating pleasure.

Only Grafted Heartnut Trees

As we have already mentioned, the heartnut is a mutation of the normal Japanese walnut. This property, the heart- shape, is recessive. This means that when a Japanese walnut is pollinated, normal nut shapes will immediately be restored. It is, therefore, more important with the heartnut, than in the case of the pure walnut, that exclusively grafted trees are planted; only then can one be sure that one will also harvest heart-shaped fruits.

Heartnuts are Not Only Decorative But They Also Taste Good!

Can something as beautiful as a heartnut actually taste good? Somehow, it is incredible that so much beauty and originality can still taste fabulous...And yet, heartnuts taste great. They are less bitter on the palate, less resistant when coming away from the shell than the common walnut kernels, the texture is finer, smoother and they taste sweet and sweeter after some chewing. The heartnut is also juicier and oilier than the Royal Walnut. On the other hand, a common walnut tastes much nuttier, both in the sometimes somewhat bitter opening and in the finish. Overall the taste impression of a heartnut is finer and simpler.

Easy Growing and Pruning

Heartnuts can be cultivated in our climate quite easily and analogously to common walnut trees Juglans regia. Heartnut trees should not be planted in late-frost-bearing locations. Protect the trunk for the first three years; we actually recommend this for both heartnuts and common walnuts. Heartnuts in our climate are very hardy in the winter. The crown of the heartnut trees is not as high as the common walnut, but broader. Heartnuts do not need regular pruning, but they can tolerate coarser cuts very well, e.g. to reduce the size.  They should always be cut during the vegetation period around the longest day.

The Exotic Walnut Tree: The Heartnut

The heartnut is a walnut tree, botanically Juglans, but it has quite different, heart-shaped fruits. Again, what could be more exciting and surprising than a heart-shaped fruit, with a hard shell and a soft core? We are proud to be able to offer this tree with all the other hearty nuts in the Lubera garden shop! This nut is perfect for all gardeners who love their gardens!

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