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Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden

The pollinator pawpaw with early ripening fruits

Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden


Article number: 2194380


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Product information "Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden"

Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden is one of the earliest pawpaw varieties and it reliably matures in September (mid to late September). Thus, the cultivation of this exotic fruit, which is strongly reminiscent of mango and in its evolution apparently got stuck in the north on the way back to the south, can also be grown at high altitudes or in climatically less favoured regions of Central Europe. The excellent winter hardiness down to -30°C also contributes to this. We recommend P. Golden, as the variety is also called, especially for rather late regions and as a pollinator in larger plantings. If only two pawpaw are planted, Pawpaw NC14 (Campbell's # 1) is the ideal companion for Pennsylvania Golden, also regarding the flowering and ripening time.

Short Description of Pawpaw Pennsylvania Golden

Fruits: Medium to large fruits, Pennsylvania Golden is extremely fertile and usually produces the first fruits in the 2nd or 3rd year; has a pretty, yellow-coloured outer side.

Maturity/harvest: One of the earliest maturing pawpaw varieties in which cultivation is also possible at high altitudes and in colder regions.

Flavour: An intense pawpaw flavour, a mix of banana, mango, lemon and sugar…

Use: Above all, fresh enjoyment; one of the few disadvantages of this variety is that the fruits ripen very quickly and are then no longer storable; so enjoy the fruits very fast or freeze them...

Plant spacing: 150 cm.

Location/growth: Compact, upright habit, hardy down to -30°C.

Pollination: Pennsylvania Golden is not self-fertile, which means it needs a pollinator. The pawpaw variety NC1 is ideal as a pollinator. Alternatively, during flowering, you may also use mature flowers of other varieties to spread over the fresh flowers of Pennsylvania Golden in order to ensure proper fertilisation. Pennsylvania Golden is itself one of the best and most productive pollinators and is particularly suitable as a pollinator for larger plantings. We recommend delicate fertilisation conditions (the pawpaw flowers are not very popular with insects); one pollinator for five plants, whereby the pollinator itself also produces tasty fruits.

Training/pot cultivation: Pawpaw trees do not need to be pruned, especially during the first few years; they develop independently into beautiful, upright plants (which should always be planted next to a stake). In later years, when the plant regularly bears fruit, old fruit branches can sometimes be cut back to stubs in order to encourage new branches to form.
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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