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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Peach trees


Harvesting delicious peaches from your own garden from your own peach trees - what could be better in late summer?! When you want to buy a peach tree, look no further than the Lubera® garden shop!

Blood Peach Rheinfeuer

The robust, red-leaved peach variety

Instead of: £30.40 * From £27.40 *

Fruttoni® Amber®

A yellow-fleshed mini peach

Instead of: £30.40 * £27.40 *

Fruttoni® Crimson®

A dark red mini peach

Instead of: £30.40 * £27.40 *

Fruttoni® Diamond®

A white-fleshed mini peach

Instead of: £30.40 * £27.40 *

Leaf Curl Tolerant Peach Franziskus

White-fleshed, tolerant to leaf curl

Instead of: £23.90 * From £21.40 *

Ornamental Peach Melred

New in the range; another peach speciality

Instead of: £40.40 * From £36.40 *

No image available Peach 'Poysdorfer Weinbergpfirsich'

Prunus persica, tolerant to leaf curl

Instead of: £35.40 * £31.90 *

Peach Benedicte

Tolerant to leaf curl

Instead of: £23.40 * From £21.40 *

Peach Harrow Beauty

Tolerant to leaf curl

Instead of: £23.40 * From £21.40 *

Saturn Peach White Frisbee

A white-fleshed variety of peach with the typical, flat fruit shape, easier to eat than...

Instead of: £35.40 * From £31.90 *

Saturn Peach Yellow Frisbee

Yellow-fleshed saturn peach with the typical, flat fruit shape

Instead of: £35.40 * From £31.90 *


More useful information about Peach trees

Here you will find exactly the right peach tree size for your garden, terrace or balcony. Even if you would like to plant peach trees in a pot, you will find what you are looking for here in the Lubera® online shop.

Buy peach tree – delicious and special varieties

If you want to buy a peach tree, you should first consider where the new peach tree should be located. If space is limited, a mini peach tree from Lubera® is a very good choice. If the peach tree should have a sunny place in the garden where it can unfold, then the high-yielding peach trees from Lubera® are ideal. The range of varieties is very large. In the Lubera® garden shop you will find yellow and white peach varieties as well as blood peaches with red leaves or pretty ornamental peaches. The particularly tasty donut peaches have long since ceased to be a variety reserved for connoisseurs only. In contrast, vineyard peaches have long been among the classics for particularly mild locations. Of particular importance in peach trees is their resistance to leaf curl that is common in peach trees. Here too, experienced orchardists but also beginners in self-sufficiency will find the ideal selection at Lubera®. If you have any questions about the individual varieties or their ideal locations, the Lubera® team will be happy to provide you with helpful information.

PfirsichbäumeThe ideal planting time for peach tree plants

Peach trees from Lubera® can be planted all year round as container plants. However, early to mid-spring and early to mid-autumn are particularly favourable. Especially in September and early October the soil is still warm, so that the peach trees can still take root. With a little winter protection, the trees then get through the first winter well, so that they can grow and thrive the following spring. A peach tree belongs in every garden – you should buy the peach tree from Lubera®, the fruit experts from the Swiss Rhine Valley.

In the Lubera® garden shop you can buy different peach trees from our assortment, from small trees for the terrace to large trees for an extensive garden planting. Peach trees are very decorative and also bear very tasty fruit that is juicy and fruity. Especially delicious are of course the peaches that you grew yourself!

Planting peach trees – how to plant a peach tree

After you buy a peach tree, the ideal location for Lubera® peach trees is in a sunny and protected site. In colder regions, a protective house or building wall is a help for the peach tree to grow vigorously, to blossom and to bear fruit. The soil should be loose and permeable; moist and heavy soils are unsuitable.

Lubera® peach trees delivered as container plants need a planting hole about twice as big as the root ball. In this way the roots have enough space to develop. After digging the planting hole, the peach tree with the root ball is placed in the planting hole and straightened. Then the hole is filled up with crumbly soil, which is then pressed down firmly. If you want to be sure that the peach tree grows nice and straight, you can tie it to a pole. After filling the hole with soil, the tree should be watered vigorously so that the soil is washed around the fine roots. Rooting is made easier if you repeat the watering two or three times in the days after planting.

Harvesting peaches – the right time

As beautiful as a peach tree may be, the pleasure of peach trees is above all in harvesting the delicious and juicy fruits. However, there is often doubt when the peaches are ripe and need to be harvested. The peach harvest should take place when the peaches become soft but before they fall down. The first falling peaches are a sign that you have to speed up with the harvest. It is better to harvest the peaches a little earlier. Delicate red or dark orange discolouration indicates ripeness. A pressure test will tell you whether the flesh is already soft or still hard and needs to soften a little.

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