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Other pear varieties

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Columnar Pear Pirini® Myway®

The first real columnar pear tree

From £24.90 *

Easytree: Pear Williams Christ

An early, standard pear variety that everyone knows

£18.90 *

Fruitful Soil No. 2 | Planting Soil

For garden & soil improvement

From £18.90 *

Frutilizer® Seasonal Fertiliser Plus

The slow release fertiliser with trace elements for permanent crops & potted plants

From £12.90 *

Mini Pear Pironi® Joy of Kent

The super-compact mini pear tree

From £24.90 *

Mini Pear Pironi® Little Sweety®

An aromatic, melting mini pear

From £24.90 *

Pear Comice (Vereinsdechant)

A very large fruited pear for storing with gourmet qualities

From £27.90 *

Pear Conférence

Common variety for storing

From £18.90 *

Pear Dessera®

An early variety; one of the few varieties of pears that can be eaten crisp

From £27.90 *

Pear Gute Luise

Frost resistant autumn pear, yellow-green with red cheeks

From £27.90 *

Pear Novembra®

A high-yielding winter pear, a new discovery

From £27.90 *

Pear Saxonia Eckehard

Red-green winter pear

From £27.90 *

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