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The Fruitful Soil No. 2 | Potting Soil

For garden & soil improvement

The Fruitful Soil No. 2 | Potting Soil


Article number: 2193731

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Product information "The Fruitful Soil No. 2 | Potting Soil"

The Fruitful Soil No. 2 does not replace your garden soil, but improves it.
• high humus content
• with slow release fertiliser
• with microorganisms

Prepare a new bed planting for perennials or bedding plants by simply incorporating a 20 litre sack into a space of 2 m². For new plantings or transplanting trees and shrubs: when filling the planting hole, mix in 1/3 (good garden soil) to 1/2 (very heavy or very sandy soils) soil. Thus, it is easier for the plants to grow fresh roots and access the necessary nutrients. The peat content is reduced.
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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