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American Kaki Fruithunters® Prairie Dawn

The hardy kaki with the sweetest fruit

American Kaki Fruithunters® Prairie Dawn


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Product information "American Kaki Fruithunters® Prairie Dawn"

The aromatic American kaki Prairie Dawn is a breakthrough in kaki breeding. Jim Gilbert, with his trademark Fruithunter, has been taking care of the neglected American fruit variety Diospyros virginiana for over 20 years. His goal was and is to make the American persimmon, a prairie plant and a secret tip for native gardeners, into a veritable fruit species.
This goal has already been largely achieved with Prairie Dawn. The variety refuted almost all of the prejudices one can have towards the American kaki right in one cycle:
During full maturity, it shows no astringency, it is fully sweet, aromatic and better than any Japanese kaki. It is very fast growing and we have already seen fruits on our nursery plants in the second year. The new kaki variety Fruithunters® Prairie Dawn remains reasonably compact thanks to the early and great fertility. With this variety, Jim Gilbert has almost reached his dream, his vision: to create a new, native American fruit species, which finds its place in every fruit garden. In addition, the American kaki has another advantage: it can be grown in almost all climates, especially in colder regions, as Diospyros virginiana is absolutely resistant to the winter coldness.
Short Description of American Kaki Fruithunters® Prairie Dawn
From the American West, this unique, early ripening Persimmon variety features good crops of large, sweet, bright orange fruit.  Seedless and delicious, it is great for fresh eating and also makes delicious cookies, cakes and other baked goods.  A good choice for cooler regions, Prairie Dawn is self-fertile and hardy to minus 30°C. 

Maturity/harvest: End of September/beginning of October, very early and before almost all Japanese kakis. Tree-ripe fruits that have reached the full, deep glowing orange colour are carefully cut off with the pair of scissors, then left to ripen for several days to 2 weeks together with other fruits. Should this ripening take place quickly and reliably, it should be done at room temperature; in the refrigerator, the new American Prairie Kaki can be stored for several weeks. During ripening, all astringency disappears and the full kaki aroma, which is sweeter than sweet, can fully unfold. If you eat the fruit directly off the tree, you run the risk of still feeling dryness, astringency on the mucous membranes. Perfectly matured fruits are a dream!

Fruits: Small, about half the size of the Japanese kakis, but larger than Meader, about 5 cm, seedless, yellow-orange with a strong colour; when overripe (however a wonderful aroma results), sometimes the skin becomes slightly wrinkled. A sign of the maturity is the receptacle: if this becomes brown, the fruit is ripe. When it is still green, the kaki needs a little more time on the tree or some days left to ripen. Kaki Fruithunters® Prairie Dawn is seedless.

Flavour: Intensely sweet; without a trace of astringency, if the fruits have remained on the tree long enough or have been stored. The taste of kaki Fruithunters® Prairie Dawn beats any Japanese persimmon, in my opinion because of its soft flesh. The texture of the ripe fruit is slightly floury, without dryness and a bit like an overripe apricot, but full of seductive aromas and with a hint of almond at the finish.
Plant spacing: 2 - 3 metres.

Growth: Good branching, slow in the beginning, and then also slowed by early fertility. The Prairie varieties can be kept well at about 3 m in height and they are very robust. Prairie Dawn can withstand temperatures down to -30°C.

Pollination: Kaki Prairie Dawn does not need a pollinator, but also without pollinators there are more than enough parthenocarpic fruits every year, meaning that the fruits grow without fertilisation. And that is why the fruits remain seedless.

Training/pot cultivation: Of course, kaki Prairie Dawn can also be grown in pots; especially the beautiful, yellow autumn colour is a feast for the eyes. Choose a container with an initial volume of 20 L; after a few years the plant will need a container with a volume between 30 - 50 L in order to avoid too much stress.
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Lubera Breeding This plant was bred by Lubera in Switzerland and placed on the market after extensive testing at our facilities in Buchs (CH) and Bad Zwischenahn (D). In 20 years of work, Lubera's founder and breeder Markus Kobelt has bred more than 80 of his own new varieties for the home garden; they all have the goal of providing you, our customers, with more experience and flavour, easier growing and more resistant, more robust varieties.

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Oct 11, 2019

Root stock (Dawn)

I am wondering what type of rootstock you graft your persimmons on. I am in a Scandinavian climate so the rootstock is important. Do you graft on Diospyros Lotus ( Lotus Persimmon) or the cold hardier Diospyros Virginiana ( American Persimmon) rootstock?

Oct 17, 2019

Root stock (Lubera)

Hi Dawn, we graft on Diospyrus Lotus. Best regards from Switzerland

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