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Flat delivery fee £4.95, for all plants (excepted areas see here).
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Apricot-Plum Aprisali

Combines two types of fruit

From £29.40 *

Columnar Plum Fruttini® Skyscraper

A columnar plum for the smallest gardens

From £30.40 *

Columnar Plum Fruttini® Sunscraper

A columnar plum for less space and juicy, yellow pulp

£34.40 *

Damson Cacacs Schönste (self-fertile)

Bears fruits the fastest

From £18.90 *

Damson Fellenberg (self-fertile)

Large-fruited, medium late standard variety with a very good flavour

From £27.90 *

Damson Juna (self-fertile)

The earliest yield (from the end of June to the beginning of July)

From £27.90 *

Damson Top Five (self-fertile)

Early, fragrant plum

From £27.90 *

Damson Top Star (self-fertile)

Medium-sized plum - bears fruit starting from the second year

From £27.90 *

Damson Topper (self-fertile)

The latest plum variety

From £27.90 *

Damson Zimmers Frühzwetschge

A very sweet, early plum

From £18.90 *

Frutilizer® Seasonal Fertiliser Plus

The slow release fertiliser with trace elements for permanent crops & potted plants

From £12.90 *


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