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Sea buckthorn

'Botanica' and 'Gardeners Gift' grow more compact and remain generally smaller (approx. 3 m) than the German varieties. Above all, however, the two Russian varieties mature much earlier than the German varieties. The difference is about one month. In addition, the berries of 'Botanica' and 'Gardeners Gift' are much larger and much milder. The Fruithunters® sea buckthorns have few thorns, only in the youngest outer shoots.

Thanks to the higher oil content, sea buckthorn juice also very smooth, velvety and creamy. The lower acid content also makes the juice fresh and unsweetened it is much more pleasant than in the case of classic varieties of sea buckthorn. Overall, both varieties, ‘Botanica’ and ‘Gardeners Gift’ are significant improvements for planting in the garden and use in the (non-industrial) kitchen. The two varieties originate in Russia and were tested and selected by the Fruithunters® Jim Gilbert and Lorraine Gardner for growing in the garden.

Sea Buckthorn 'Botanica'

The summer sea buchthorn

From £8.40 *

Sea Buckthorn Garden's Gift

The autumn sea buchthorn

From £8.40 *

Sea Buckthorn Leikora

Attractive, particularly rich in vitamins, large-fruited

£19.40 *

Sea Buckthorn Pollmix 2 (male)

Hippophae rhamnoides 'Pollmix 2' is a pollinator for many female sea buckthorns

From £8.40 *


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