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Pomegranate Favorite

Punica granatum Favorite: Self-fertile and exotic

Pomegranate Favorite


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Product information "Pomegranate Favorite"

Fruits: Light orange flowers, then medium-sized, dark orange fruits
Maturity: October / November
Pollination: Self-fertile
Flavour: Has typical pomegranate flavour, sparkling, makes you want more
Final height: Multi-branched shrub with a height of 2 metres
Pomegranates in our region?
While the pomegranate in considered the superfruit in the USA due to of its high antioxidant potential, pomegranates still have an exotic status in our region. And one wouldn’t necessary think of planting one in their own garden...
The new varieties we have found with improved frost hardiness come from the former USSR and are now comparable to the Gustissimo® figs as far as the hardiness.
  • Flowering Period May, June, July, August, September
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period September, October
  • Final height 120cm to 2m
  • Final width 80cm to 160cm
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type deciduous
  • Sweetness sweet/sour
  • Use for containers, for wild gardens, for group plantings, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil dry, moderately heavy, light, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location partial shade, full sun
  • Flower Colour red
  • Leaf Colour green
  • Lubera Selection This plant is an exclusive launch from Lubera. Lubera searches worldwide for new varieties and species that will make gardening more exciting and easier! We encounter new products again and again that we can exclusively bring to the market after intensive testing.

Customer comments "Pomegranate Favorite"

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Mar 9, 2019

Pomegranate cold resistance (Eric Newland)

I live in South London and last winter I lost a large pomegranate after the temperature dropped to about minus 8. What is your estimate for the temperature resistance of your variety?

Mar 14, 2019

Pomegranate cold resistance (Lubera)

Hi Eric Newland, when Favorite is planted out I think it will be hardy until -15 degrees. In pots you have to protect the roots even more. Best regards your Lubera team

Mar 9, 2019

Pomegranate cold resistance (Eric Newland)

I live in South London and last winter I lost a large pomegranate after the temperature dropped to about minus 8. What is your estimate for the temperature resistance of your variety?

Jun 30, 2018

Pomegranate (Zishaan Wasim)

Hello. What is the approximate size of the pomegranate plants that are provided? Thanks.

Jul 5, 2018

Pomegranate (Lubera)

Around 40-60cm. Best wishes your Lubera-Team

Jun 20, 2015

pomegranate size (Mervyn Gibbs)

how big are they when you send them out and what's the biggest you for sale thank you

Feb 25, 2015

pomegranate (rinaldo)

how to plant a pomegranatetree and how to maintain it thankyou

Feb 26, 2015

pomegranate (Your Lubera Team - Sonja Hendrischke)


the pomegranate needs no special soil, but it is important that it is well drained. Very heavy soil can be mixed with Perlite or fine gravel.

In the vegetation period it needs a lot of water. As fertilizer you can best use a long term product (6 mth.).

To keep the pomegranate in shape and make it grow healthy, you can cut the weak branches in early spring and shorten branches which are to long.

The best place for it is a warm, windprotected and sunny one, as the pomegranate is a true sunbather.

Kind regards
Your Lubera team

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