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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Olive trees

Olive trees Lubera

Buy olive trees and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean plants on your balcony or terrace! In the Lubera® garden shop you will find many varieties that will bring Mediterranean flair to your home.

Olive Tree 'Leccino'

Cold-tolerant olive for making oil

From £13.40 *

Olive Tree 'Toscana'

Olea europea 'Toscana'

£36.40 *


More information about olive trees


With the fruit olive 'Cipressino' and the cold-tolerant oil olive 'Leccino' we offer you two interesting varieties in addition to the traditional olive. If you live in colder regions, 'Leccino' is the olive of choice; in milder regions you can expect your own olive harvest with the fruit olive 'Cipressino'. If you want to buy one of these trees, you will mainly do so for the decorative effect. These beautiful trees from Lubera® are the product of choice. 



Buy the tree of peace as a gift


The olive tree does not only bring a wonderful flair for terrace and balcony but as a tree of peace, it is also a wonderful gift for weddings, christenings or birthdays. There are many good reasons to buy one of these lovely trees!


Planting - this is how it is doneOlive trees Lubera


Olive trees are conditionally hardy plants and tolerate some minus temperatures, depending on the variety down to -10°C. Where it is mild even in the winter, they can even be planted out in sheltered places in the garden. Younger plants are particularly well suited for this purpose, as they can get used to the winter climate in this country better than an old one, where the risk of damage in the winter is much higher.  

In colder regions, or if you simply do not want to take any risk in the winter, you can also plant these plants in a container. This way, it can be placed in frost-free area such as a winter garden. In milder regions, such as wine-growing areas, a place near the house, which is protected, is also sufficient. 




These trees are robust and easy to care for if you know and respect their location requirements. As a Mediterranean fruit tree, it needs above all a lot of sun and warmth. In contrast, they do not tolerate waterlogging and cold, frosty nights very well. This type of tree is counted among the conditionally hardy plants, which still tolerates a low temperature of -10°C. When it gets colder, the frost damage increases. 


The ideal location


In mild regions, such as wine-growing regions, an olive tree can overwinter outside. It is recommended to plant the tree in a container first. In the winter, the container can be placed in a protected location. Once it has spent a few winters outside and has done well there, you can consider planting it out. 

The summer location for this tree in a container is very sunny and warm. If the summer is very wet, it should be placed in a sheltered place. 


Watering and fertilising


With olive trees - as with citrus plants - less is more when watering. They should only be watered when at least the upper half of the soil has dried out. By the way, the citrus fertiliser Fruitilizer® Instant Citrus Fertiliser from Lubera is a very good fertiliser. This is administered during the main growth period from April/May to August/September.




In places where the olive trees cannot spend the winter outside, you need a cool and bright area for overwintering. The ideal temperature for overwintering is around the freezing point. As for the winter quarters, an unheated staircase, a greenhouse or a cold winter garden are possible. Also, a summer house or a garage with a window can help to protect the plant in the winter. 

If the tree overwinters outdoors in a container, the pot should be wrapped in a warm fleece or blanket. It should also be placed close to the house, since it gets less moisture there. 

Once the tree is planted, it makes sense to cover the planting disc with a layer of mulch. This protects the roots. In addition, if it is too cold, a fleece can protect the sensitive leaves and younger branches. The fleece should be removed in time to prevent fungal attack.

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