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Kaki Hybrid Nikitas Gift

Hybrid between American kaki and Japanese kaki

Kaki Hybrid Nikitas Gift


Article number: 2191927


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Product information "Kaki Hybrid Nikitas Gift"

Nikitas Gift is a hybrid between American kaki and Japanese kaki. Since it is already a hybrid of the second generation ((Japanese kaki x (Japanese kaki x American kaki), we have succeeded in combining the positive fruit characteristics of the Japanese kaki (size and flavour, sweetness without bitterness) with the characteristics of the American kaki (robustness, hardiness to -24°C ).
Maturity: October-November
Fruits: About 80% the size of Japanese kaki (e.g. flavour), flat -round, aromatic with a caramel flavour; yellow and turning slightly orange with maturity; after harvesting, let ripen with apples until full maturity
Growth/spacing: Attractive, red-orange autumn colouration, more compact growing than Meader, about 3 m high, bears fruit in the 2nd year, hardy to -24°C
Pollination: Not self-fertile, but easily and abundantly develops parthenocarpic fruits without seeds; if there are other persimmons in the neighbourhood, pollination is possible and the fruit then includes seeds
Tip: Fertilise Nikitas Gift very carefully; the fertility can be affected if the shoot growth is too strong


Kaki for somewhat rougher locations Nikitas Gift, the persimmon hybrid of the American and Japanese kakis, is also suitable for slightly less favourable locations. Above all, the tree is able to survive even harder cold spells than the Japanese kakis.
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period October, November
  • Final height 2m to 3m
  • Final width 140cm to 180cm
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type deciduous
  • Autumn Colouration shades of red
  • Sweetness sweet
  • Use South- and West-facing walls, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness limited hardiness/hardiness only in mild microclimates
  • Soil moist, moderately heavy, light, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location full sun
  • Leaf Colour green
  • Lubera Easy Tip Based on our experience in the variety tests but also in customer service, we have awarded this plant with the title “Lubera Easy Tip”. With this designation, we emphasise only those plants that according to our experience work (almost) everywhere; they are easy to grow and bear fruits or produce flowers quickly and without problems. These are plants that can be enjoyed immediately and without effort once planted.
  • Lubera Selection This plant is an exclusive launch from Lubera. Lubera searches worldwide for new varieties and species that will make gardening more exciting and easier! We encounter new products again and again that we can exclusively bring to the market after intensive testing.

Customer comments "Kaki Hybrid Nikitas Gift"

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Dec 29, 2019

Nikita's Gift (Kee Leung)

I am a bit confused by the description. Is it the Nikita's Gift persimmon or a further generation cross of it? Nikita's gift is supposed to be astringent but the description of it infers that it's not.

Jan 16, 2020

Nikita's Gift (Lubera)

Hi Kee Leung, Nikita's Gift is not astringent when it is fully ripe and soft. You can not eat it firm. Best regards from Switzerland

Oct 17, 2017

Kaki Hybrid rootstock (Walter)

Hello... I am Walter, and I am interested to buy some american Persimmon from your store. I living in a very cold region of Italy, and often we have cold up to end of april, sometimes,for example firsts weeks of april is nice weather, plants start vegetation and in the end of april freeze, I try to grow Japanese kaki but they are died.... Which is the rootstock that Lubera use for American kaki? I want to try to grow your variety of kaki, but also like to have good response...I am looking for "Meader" and "Nikitas Gift".... Thanks for your gentle answer, Walter.

Oct 18, 2017

Kaki Hybrid rootstock (Sonja Dreher)

we graft the american Persimmon on Diospyrus Lotus. which has enough winterhardyness, but if the frost comes very late, when the blossoms are open, they also will die, as the blossom-tissue is to delicate.

kind regards
Your Lubera

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