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Chinese Fountain Bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1'®

Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou 1' with red-coloured stalks and delicate leaves

Chinese Fountain Bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1'®


Article number: 2193999


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Product information "Chinese Fountain Bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1'®"

Chinese fountain bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1' forms canes that turn yellowish, reddish or reddish-brown depending on the sunlight. These stalks are a nice contrast to the delicate, green leaves.
Exotic appearance

The Chinese fountain bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1' is of course also a beautiful and exotic bamboo if it has such a beautiful and exotic name! The canes of this bamboo are initially green, but then turn increasingly yellow to pink, red or brownish red, which results in a wonderful play of colours between the differently coloured canes  and the rich green leaves. The leaves are small and delicate and they give the bamboo a graceful appearance. The canes grow upright and are slightly arched in the upper part. The canes of the Chinese fountain bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1' are farther apart than other bamboos, making it less dense and bushy. The final height is about 3.5m; as always with bamboo, the warmer the temperatures, the lower the bamboo will grow.
Location and weather determine colouring of the canes

Often Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou 1' is also known as red bamboo, which unfortunately, often leads to confusion and disappointment since the colouring of the canes is highly dependent on the location and weather. In the spring, the young canes are mostly red coloured, then the red colour is the strongest in strong sunlight; in the shade or in less sunny years, yellow dominates. Starting in the 3rd year, you can get the most out of the lower part of the canes, that is, remove the side shoots, so that the canes are exposed to the sun more intense and the red colour is stronger. Otherwise, pruning is straightforward; the canes can be cut to the desired height or removed completely. There is always a use in the garden for attractive as well as flexible and stable bamboo sticks.
Robust despite graceful appearance

Although the thin canes and the fine leaves give a fine and elegant impression, the Chinese fountain bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1' is very robust and no winter damage is expected down to -25°C. In autumn, this variety loses relatively many leaves in order to protect itself from evaporation in the winter. In the winter, water evaporates via the wintergreen leaves, which cannot be replenished from the frozen soil. Often, the remaining leaves roll up as a way to protect themselves, however they unroll quickly in the spring.
In regions in northern Germany or mountain areas that are cooler in the summer, the bamboo can easily be plant in a site with full sun. In warmer regions in the south, this Chinese fountain bamboo prefers semi-shady locations. At least the root area should be shaded. For shading, a low fence or a layer of pine bark are suitable. And most important is this: the Chinese fountain bamboo also does not form rhizomes! If the bamboo gets too wide, you can cut out parts and use them elsewhere.
A special hedge plant

Despite the less dense canes, the Chinese fountain bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1' is well suited as a hedge for privacy protection. The graceful appearance does not produce such a hedge as pompous as other bamboo borders. The beautiful canes also make a solitary location or group planting possible. Of course you can use this bamboo in a pot on a terrace, but in winter the pot must be wrapped. It must also be protected against excessive sunlight and watered on frost-free days.
Short description of Fargesia nitida 'Jiuzhaigou 1'

Growth: Upright, arched tip

Final size: 3.5 m high and 2 m wide

Flowers: Flowering rhythm of 80-130 years, dies after flowering

Canes: Green at first, then yellowish, reddish or reddish brown, depending on the sun's rays

Leaves: Wintergreen

Use: As a solitary plant, in groups, containers, pruned or unpruned hedges
  • Final height 2m to 4m
  • Final width 140cm to 2m
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Fragrance slightly scented
  • Use for containers, as a structural plant, as a hedge, for group plantings, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil moist, dry, moderately heavy, light, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location shade, partial shade, full sun
  • Leaf Colour green

Customer comments "Chinese Fountain Bamboo 'Jiuzhaigou 1'®"

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Oct 7, 2019

Bamboo height (Pauline Young)

What is the height of the plant as sold in a 7.5lt pot please?

Oct 17, 2019

Bamboo height (Lubera)

Hi Pauline Young, the height is 80-100cm. Best regards from Switzerland