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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Fragrant climbing plants

Buy fragrant climbing plants from Lubera

If you are looking for an aromatic fragrance from lofty heights for your garden, you should buy fragrant climbing plants.

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Akebia quinata - Chocolate vine

Five leaf akebia: the fruits have many minerals

From £20.40 *

Chinese Wisteria

Wisteria sinensis, a strong growing wisteria with fragrant, lilac-blue flower clusters

£27.40 *

Chinese Wisteria 'Caroline'

Wisteria sinensis 'Caroline', a strong growing wisteria with fragrant, intense...

£27.40 *

Clematis 'Madame le Coultre'

Clematis hybrid 'Madame le Coultre'

£15.40 *

No image available Clematis 'Mayleen'

Clematis montana 'Mayleen'

£15.40 *

Clematis 'Rubromarginata'

Clematis triternata Rubromarginata

£15.40 *

No image available Clematis 'Tetrarose'

Clematis montana Tetrarose

£15.40 *

Clematis 'Vilhelmina'

Clematis Hybrid 'Vilhelmine'

£12.90 *

No image available Clematis 'Wilsonii'

Clematis montana Wilsonii

£15.40 *

No image available Clematis vitalba, Old Man's Beard

A vigorous wild clematis with fragrant flowers

£15.40 *

Climbing Hydrangea

Decumaria barbara, syn. Hydrangea barbara: impressive due to its fragrant, white flowers

£21.90 *

Common Honeysuckle

Lonicera periclymenum - a vigorous, native honeysuckle with an intense fragrance

£12.40 *

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More information about fragrant climbing plants


These plants will enchant your senses not only with their abundance of flowers but also with a very special bouquet of fragrances. It's not just the traditional climbing roses that wrap themselves in a floral-scented cloud - in our diverse range of fragrant gardens, you will find a large number of climbing trees and shrubs that encourage you to indulge in a nose full of the delicious scents almost all year round. And you don't even need a large garden to enjoy them: the hobby gardener can plant perennial, fragrant climbing plants in the smallest of spaces.


Buy fragrant climbing plants - the woody plants with special aromas


If you want to enjoy the scent of jasmine and vanilla to the fullest, you should discover the overwhelming joy of the scented climbing plants in the Lubera® Garden Shop!

If you like to spend the balmy summer evenings on your balcony or love a nightly walk through your garden, you can plant honeysuckle, star jasmine, a Japanese wisteria or an Akebia. All of them have a special characteristic: they exude their beguiling scent especially at night. We also recommend the intensive vanilla scent of clematis, e.g. in the variety 'Tetrarose' - just have a look at our rich offer!


Buy scented climbing plants - find the right treeBuy fragrant climbing plants at Lubera


With a scented climbing plant, you can get a maximum of green volume, abundance of flowers and fragrance out of a small piece of soil. Climbing plants bring the scent sensation to places where otherwise only small plants would grow. They are extremely versatile, as they cover facades, pergolas, free-standing trellises or a tree with decorative flowering and lively green foliage. Since there are ideal woody plants for all locations, every hobby gardener can use these multi-talented plants.


Anyone who wants to plant hardy, perennial climbing plants with fragrance in the garden or on the terrace should consider the following aspects:

  • Should it be a plant for shade or partial shade (e.g. honeysuckle, knotweed) or for a place in the sun (e.g. clematis)? Fragrant honeysuckle also thrives wonderfully with other climbing plants, such as climbing roses.
  • How tall can the climbers be? There are climbers who have an almost unrestrained urge to reach heights of over 10 metres (examples: Chinese wisteria, and the climbing knotweed). Climbing plants up to 3 metres are e.g. the scented Clematis 'Madame le Coultre' and the scented honeysuckle.
  • You also have to make a decision when it comes to the foliage as there are also evergreen fragrant climbing plants, such as the evergreen honeysuckle or the evergreen star jasmine, which provide you with wonderful privacy protection.
  • When flowering, you can choose a distinct winter flowering plant, winter jasmine, or numerous spring or summer flowering plants. Clematis montana 'Tetrarose', for example, blooms in May and then covers itself with a veil of fresh pink flowers that have an intense scent of vanilla. Star jasmine, on the other hand, blooms in midsummer.
  • What type of growth does the climbing plant have? Is it a self-climber (e.g. climbing hortensia) or very strong growing (e.g. wisteria or knotweed)? Knowing this is very important, for example, when planting greenery on facades in order to avoid possible structural damage. The strong, lignifying shoots of Wisteria require a stable climbing aid, e.g. a metal grid or vertical steel tensioning ropes that are attached to the house facade.
  • Of course, some fragrant climbing plants can spoil you with edible fruits. Here you can consider Akebia.


Fragrant climbing plants for pots


Perennial, hardy climbing plants such as the honeysuckle, many clematis varieties and star jasmine can also develop their scent in a pot - preferably in planters about 60 centimetres high and 60 centimetres in diameter. This means that they do not need to be re-potted for several years. The bottom of the pot should have water drainage holes so that excess water can drain away easily.


Possible uses

For bows and pergolas

If you buy fragrant climbing plants, there is a wealth of design possibilities with climbing roses, wisteria and clematis. But also a rather exotic Akebia does very well if it is allowed to expand over an arch. The dark, chocolate-brown flowers invite you to sniff the vanilla scent from close up.

Greening of a northern facade

Some fragrant climbing plants are perfectly suited for rather difficult, north-exposed facades - the best scent is offered by 'Serotina', a late-flowering Lonicera. ‘Serotina' can be combined wonderfully with earlier flowering Lonicera varieties, e.g. with the honeysuckle. And also with some knotweed. 

The embellishment of walls and objects

A boring garage wall, a wire mesh fence - every garden has corners that benefit from vegetation. A fragrant *Clematis montana' is ideal for this. One of the best scents comes from the 'Mayleen' variety.

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