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Blue Spruce 'Edith'

Picea pungens 'Edith' - a tree can only be this blue

Blue Spruce 'Edith'


Article number: 2190959


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Product information "Blue Spruce 'Edith'"

Picea pungens occurs naturally in the Rocky Mountains, at elevations of 1800-3000 m. The spruce trees that appear in nature vary moderately in colour between yellow-green, blue-green and silvery green; they have a good adaptation to the most varied locations, they require a near neutral pH and are hardly at risk for windbreak despite their shallow root systems. The needles are 2-3 cm long and have such "aggressive" tips that they have helped the Blue Spruce gain its second name: pungens means "sharply pointed".

Over the past 150 years, various decorative shapes have been chosen, whereby the blue-silvery colour has been the primarily focus of horticultural interest in addition to the compact growth (the archetype is 30-40 m high).

And these are precisely the strengths of the variety 'Edith': it is 2-3.5 m high, it remains pretty compact and its needles are some of the bluest and noblest that conifers have to offer.

Suitable as a potted Christmas tree

The Blue Spruce is the second most popular Christmas tree in Germany, after the Norway Fir, and of course as a cut tree. It has the same shelf life as the Norway Fir and unlike this tree it exudes the warm, ethereal-resinous scents that we associate with Christmas. This is probably the reason that many consumers then take the almost proverbial pointed needles into account. The variety 'Edith' is well suited as a potted Christmas tree because it has a beautiful stature; it reaches a good height and still grows modestly, only about 2-3 m high, even after 10 years. It is possible to use the potted tree for a few years at Christmas time. However, you should repot the tree every two years in a 30% bigger pot.
  • Final height 2m to 3m
  • Final width 160cm to 180cm
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Use as a hedge, for group plantings, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil neutral
  • Location full sun
  • Leaf Colour blue

Customer comments "Blue Spruce 'Edith'"

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