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Dog Rose

Rosa canina

Dog Rose


Article number: 2209745


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Product information "Dog Rose"

Commonly known as the dog rose, the flowers of this native wild rose are white to purplish pink. They appear either solitarily or in small clusters in early summer.  This arching deciduous shrub has  medium green foliage and long stems that are covered with small, sharp prickles. The rose hips are noted for their high vitamin C level and they can be used to make syrup, tea and marmalade. The growth height reaches up to 300 cm. This plant is noted for attracting wildlife and it can also be grown in semi-shade or no shade. It prefers a moist, well-drained soil and tolerates strong winds, however not maritime exposure.
  • Flowering Period June, July
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period September
  • Final height 2m to 3m
  • Final width 60cm to 80cm
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type deciduous
  • Fragrance slightly scented
  • Use beds/borders, for wild gardens, as a hedge, for group plantings
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil heavy, moderately heavy, light, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location full sun
  • Flower Colour pink, white
  • Leaf Colour green
  • Lubera Easy Tip Based on our experience in the variety tests but also in customer service, we have awarded this plant with the title “Lubera Easy Tip”. With this designation, we emphasise only those plants that according to our experience work (almost) everywhere; they are easy to grow and bear fruits or produce flowers quickly and without problems. These are plants that can be enjoyed immediately and without effort once planted.

Customer comments "Dog Rose"

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Jun 19, 2019

Cutting (Della lomax)

Do I cut the dog rose down in the first year to make it mor bushy and hedgelike?

Jul 3, 2019

Cutting (Lubera)

Hi, if you want it more bushy, cut it back in the first winter. But than you will not have flowers in the following year. Best regards from Switzerland

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