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Grafted Yellow Cornelian Cherry 'Yellow Molalla'

Cornus mas, Cornelian cherry 'Yellow Molalla' – the best yellow Cornelian cherry, columnar growth, bright flowers

Grafted Yellow Cornelian Cherry 'Yellow Molalla'


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Product information "Grafted Yellow Cornelian Cherry 'Yellow Molalla'"

The yellow Cornelian cherry 'Yellow Molalla' has the most upright growth of all varieties. Due to the compact internodes, the flowers also appear to be somewhat closer together and they are even more brilliant than those of the red-fruited varieties. All in all, the ornamental value of this unusual yellow Cornelian cherry stands out, but the yellow fruits themselves also have a lot to offer: although they are rounder, not as elongated and also about 15% smaller than the large-fruited red varieties, they also taste much milder and “rounder”, which can probably be attributed to the absence of anthocyanins, the red pigments. So if you prefer a somewhat milder, less acidic Cornelian cherry, you should choose 'Yellow Molalla'.
The advantages of the Cornelian cherry 'Yellow Molalla'
  • Yellow fruits with a mild flavour
  • Columnar growth
  • Broad tolerance to resistance to anthracnose, leaf spot disease
Possible combinations – on the plate and in the garden

With the Cornelian cherry 'Yellow Molalla' you can diversify the culinary uses of Cornus mas and make it more colourful: for example yellow pickled false olives from 'Yellow Molalla', or yellow Cornelian cherry jam (possibly mixed with yellow raspberries or apricots). But also the use in the garden becomes more varied with this Cornelian cherry variety: a triangular planting with a Yellow Molalla bush and two red Cornelian cherries will certainly attract additional attention during the ripening period in August. This is because the planting (in a triangle, with 100-150 cm leg length) looks almost like a single bush, but has different colours.
The best resistance to anthracnose

In recent years, anthracnose has appeared in almost all Cornelian cherry varieties, i.e. black sunken leaf spots appear on the leaves in the summer, especially in humid weather, but this does not affect the fertility and growth. In our experiments, 'Yellow Molalla' has the best tolerance to this anthracnose, almost a resistance, so that this disease does not play any role here.
Pollination – not planting two plants, but two different varieties

The same applies to the yellow Cornelian cherry 'Yellow Molalla': two different varieties (and not just two plants of the same variety) are needed for good pollination, and the distance should not be greater than 10 m; planting close together at a spacing of 1-3 m increases the additional chances of pollination by the wind, especially in a very early year. So 'Yellow Molalla' should always be planted together with either 'Coral Blaze' or 'Elegant' in order to ensure pollination. Also planting together with a seedling propagated wild shrub of Cornus mas allows cross-pollination.
Short description of the grafted Cornelian cherry 'Yellow Molalla'
Flowers and flowering period: End of February to mid-March; very dense flowering due to short internodes; the colour is a slightly brighter yellow than the red-fruited varieties
Maturity: End of August to beginning of September. The true ripening time of the yellow variety is difficult to determine from the colour. If the fruit yields slightly under pressure, lets some juice come out immediately or falls easily into the hand, it is certainly ripe.
Fruit: Roundish, medium-sized fruit, with a bright yellow, lemon-coloured skin. Mild flavour
Pollination: Needs another variety as a pollinator, either 'Coral Balze' or 'Elegant'; pollination via the wild shrub of Cornus mas is also possible
Soil and location: Light soil is preferred, but the plant will grow well in heavy soil after it starts growing, if sufficient compost is incorporated; prefers calcareous soil, but will also thrive well in slightly acidic soil. Sun to partial shade
Winter hardiness: Winter hardiness down to -35°C
Growth and size: A rather vigorous variety like 'Coral Blaze', but with a much more upright, denser growth than the other varieties. Especially in the first five years you can almost talk about columnar growth, later you can also promote this plant structure with pruning
Diseases: Extremely high tolerance against leaf spot disease
  • Flowering Period February, March
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period August, September
  • Final height 2m to 3m
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Use outdoors, for wild gardens, as a hedge, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil heavy, moderately heavy, light, alkaline, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location partial shade, full sun
  • Flower Colour yellow
  • Leaf Colour green

Customer comments "Grafted Yellow Cornelian Cherry 'Yellow Molalla'"

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