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Ornamental Apple 'Evereste'®

Malus Hybrid 'Evereste': Apples as winter decoration

Ornamental Apple 'Evereste'®


Article number: 2193709


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Product information "Ornamental Apple 'Evereste'®"

The spectacular, white flowers appear as early as the beginning of April. The green leaves with red, long stems look very graceful in the summer. In autumn, the orange-red, cherry-sized fruits appear. Frost does not affect these fruits, and they remain on the tree until December.
A phenomenon like a snowy mountain

The 'Evereste' ornamental apple blooms at the beginning of May in a light pink, almost white colour, while the flower buds have a darker pink tone. The flowers are single blossoms and are about 3.5 cm in diameter. One can speculate that the name 'Evereste' goes back to the highest mountain on earth, the snow-capped Mount Everest. At the time of flowering, this ornamental apple tree reminds one of a graceful, snow-capped mountain in the shimmer of the sun. Due to their high amount of pollen, ornamental apples are popular among bees and apple growers. They offer a huge supply of pollen and ensure a good pollination of the non-self-fertile apple trees.
Until December in perfect condition: the fruits of 'Evereste'

The leaves are shiny green and sit on red, long stems, which provide a very graceful appearance. This ornamental apple grows into a large shrub or small tree with a broad, pyramidal habit; the structure is loose with slightly overhanging branches.
From the delicate pink flowers, flat, round orange-red fruits of up to 2.5 cm in diameter develop, and for an ornamental apple therefore stately fruits. On the sunny side bright red cheeks are formed. The fruits have a light tire and have long, thin stems. The fruits remain on the plant until December and act as winter decoration and even after the first frosts, they mostly remain in perfect condition. Fruits and flowers are popular with wild animals; the fruits are also edible to humans, but not very interesting, since there is little pulp. In the spring one can admire the flowering branches and use them as a beautiful decoration in vases. In autumn, the branches with the fruits can be used wonderfully for floral arrangements. Since the fruit stays very long on the tree, it can also be used as a Christmas decoration.
Scab resistant

Like most ornamental apples, 'Evereste' also prefers a sunny location in normal garden soil. The variety 'Evereste' is resistant to scab and has very healthy foliage which stays on the plant for a long time. 'Evereste' has also been used as a parent plant in apple breeding in order to cross the scab resistance in cultivated apple.

As a pruning measure, it is advised to keep the crown regularly thinned out so that a continuous rejuvenation is obtained. This can be done in the spring.
  • Flowering Period May
  • Final height 3m to 4m
  • Final width 2m to 3m
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Fragrance slightly scented
  • Use for wild gardens, for group plantings, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil moist, dry, moderately heavy, slightly alkaline, neutral, acidic, slightly acidic
  • Location partial shade, full sun
  • Flower Colour pink
  • Leaf Colour green

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