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Dead Man's Fingers, Blue Sausage Fruit

Decaisnea fargesii gets its name from its blue, elongated fruits that form in late summer

Dead Man's Fingers, Blue Sausage Fruit


Article number: 2192568


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Product information "Dead Man's Fingers, Blue Sausage Fruit"

This exotic plant, known as dead man's fingers or blue sausage fruit, captivates with its blue, elongated fruits. These give an exotic appearance to the ornamental shrub in late summer. A few years ago I had the first opportunity to taste such an exotic fruit: the hearty bite in the pod should be omitted, but the sweet pulp can be sucked well from the seeds once the pod cover is removed. As an edible decoration all sorts of sweets, this plant is also very attractive in the garden. The flowers appear in May and June and are yellowish green. They are also striking. In autumn it has a yellow colouring; in combination with the blue fruits this makes for a very beautiful play of colours. The plant has picturesque growth; it is broadly spreading, up to 3.5 m high and almost just as wide. Pruning is not absolutely necessary, but is well tolerated, while the plant can be thinned or cut in the spring.
Despite the exotic origin, Decaisnea fargesii is absolutely hardy in our climate. It should be planted in the sun or at most partial shade. The soil should not be too heavy, permeable and rather lean. If the soil is too nutritious, mineral substances such as sand or gravel can be incorporated or the most humid layers can be removed.
This plant can be used as a solitary plant and can also be planted in containers. Since the ornamental shrub is hardy to -25°C, the containers can be overwintered, and like most other plants that are planted in pots, it can be placed sheltered against a wall away from the wind or in a protected, non-heated room like a garage or shed. In addition, the container can also be packed, but the above-ground parts of the plant should be protected against excessive sunshine, since the winter sun can occasionally produce sufficient heat which causes the plant to bud.
Growth: Picturesque, broadly spreading
Final size: 3.5 m high and 3 m wide
Flowers: Greenish yellow, May to June
Leaves: Green, yellow autumn colouring
Use: Solitary plant, containers
Speciality: Very decorative, blue fruits, edible
  • Flowering Period May, June
  • Final height 3m to 4m
  • Final width 2m to 3m
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Fragrance slightly scented
  • Use for containers, South- and West-facing walls, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness limited hardiness/hardiness only in mild microclimates
  • Soil dry, light, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location partial shade, full sun
  • Flower Colour yellow
  • Leaf Colour green, white

Customer comments "Dead Man's Fingers, Blue Sausage Fruit"

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