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Spindle tree

Common Spindle

Euonymus europaeus

£16.40 *

European spindle 'Red Cascade'

Euonymus europaeus 'Red Cascade' is a grafted variety and is characterised by its many,...

From £19.90 *

Large-flowered Spindle

Euonymus planipes with large fruits and early, beautiful autumn colouration

£19.90 *

No image available Winged Spindle 'Compactus'

Euonymus alatus 'Compactus' forms an impressive autumn colouring

From £20.40 *

Winged spindle tree

Euonymus alatus

£32.90 *

Winged Spindle, Burning Bush 'Chicago Fire'

Euonymus alatus 'Chicago Fire' is a fast-growing variety with beautiful, pink autumn...

£19.90 *

Winged Spindle, Burning Bush 'Little Moses'

Euonymus alatus 'Little Moses' is very special thanks to its scarlet red autumn colouring

£26.90 *


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