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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Ground-covering roses

Buy ground cover roses at Lubera

If you want to make your garden beautiful and easy to care for, you can hardly ignore the undemanding ground cover roses.

Rose 'Bessy' - Ground Cover Rose

Double, salmon pink flowers, has a good scent, blooms more often

From £9.40 *

Rose 'Golden Sun' - Yellow Ground Cover Rose

Continuous bloom, robust, golden yellow, cup-shaped flowers

From £9.40 *

Rose 'Sea Foam' - White ground cover rose

Robust, continuous bloom, white, healthy, attractive

From £9.40 *

Rose Dolomiti®

Pink-coloured ADR floribunda

From £23.40 *

Rose The Fairy Red® - Red ground cover rose

Vigorous, bushy, compact rose

From £9.40 *


More information about ground cover roses


These are the all-rounders among roses: they are generally very resistant and rarely susceptible to the typical leaf diseases. In addition, they often bloom several times a year, turning your garden bed into a veritable sea of flowers. With these roses, you can even enhance semi-shady garden corners. When you buy these types of roses, not only are annoying weeds suppressed but when cleverly planted and artistically combined, the roses provide a feast for the senses several times a year.


The flower shapes of ground cover roses are varied - from simple to romantically filled, there is something for every desire. They often form countless, colourful flower clusters. And with some varieties, you don't have to do without a lovely rose scent. Take a look at our extensive Lubera assortment! We have put together beautiful, easy-care small shrub roses for you, which will inspire not only first-time rose growers.


Enchanting, carpet-forming dwarf roses


In the Lubera garden shop, you will find classic ground cover roses and shrub roses that offer many design possibilities. They are also very suitable for pots on a balcony or terrace.


Here are a few recommended varieties:

  • The shrub rose 'Aspirin' flowers more often and achieves good soil coverage already in the second year due to its strong growth.
  • The ‘Fairy' rose enchants with its salmon pink flowers and is ideal for planting on slopes, but it is also a good choice for borders.
  • For those who do not want to do without a fragrance even for the ground-covering roses, we recommend the wonderful 'Golden Border'.


Growth forms and useBuy ground cover roses at Lubera


Ground cover roses or small shrub roses are not a separate category of roses but are made up of varieties from different groups of roses. These roses are often propagated from cuttings "true to root". In contrast to the undesired budding of grafted roses, runners are desirable here, as they gradually lead to flat growth. The growth height of the surface roses varies from about 30 to 100 centimetres. They grow flat lying down, broadly bushy, slightly creeping or arching overhanging. For this reason, their use is varied. They are classically used for greening or fortifying slopes and embankments, as they cover large areas very well and quite quickly. Also, flower hedges can be designed well with them. These roses are particularly well suited for smaller gardens as an alternative to the significantly more vigorous shrub roses. However, these roses are not suitable for planting under large, shade-casting shrubs, as they would not grow well, due to the lack of light.

If you are looking for a higher, arching, overhanging ground cover rose that also looks good in a single position, choose a variety such as Roseasy® Fontana di Trevi.


Buying ground cover roses - the right location


These roses need a sunny area in the garden, while many species also thrive in partial shade (e.g. 'Golden Border'). The location should also be as airy as possible so that your plants remain healthy in the long term.




If you buy ground cover roses and want a completely closed plant cover, you should plant the roses close enough together. As a rule of thumb, follow this advice: for varieties with a growth height of about 50 centimetres, you should plant 4 to 5 roses per square metre. Bushy growing and low-lying varieties need a planting distance of at least 40 centimetres.

It is best to plant in autumn. Dig a large planting hole and fill it up to a third with rose soil or mature compost. The grafting point should be about five centimetres below the ground so that it is frost-proof. When planting roses you should prepare the soil well - root weeds, in particular, should be carefully removed.


Care and pruning


Put horn shavings in the ground in March. Furthermore, the application of organic fertiliser or special rose fertiliser is recommended until mid-July. The wild plants competing with the roses should be regularly removed in the first period after planting until the roses with their bushy growth gain the upper hand.

It is best to prune your roses in the spring. This will remove dead or bulky shoots. Pruning is usually only necessary every few years and is limited to thinning before budding. If you want to reduce the height, you can also prune the roses radically without damaging the plants. Strongly cut back roses will sprout again at full strength and form abundant buds. Some varieties can be cut again after the first flowering. Then the ground cover roses will flower a second time.


Combinations with other roses or perennials


Monoculture often seems a bit boring. Also, the extensive use of a variety can favour the spread of pests and diseases. Once you have thought of a nice colour concept, you can implement it with a combination of rose varieties. An area with roses generally looks looser if the colour of the flowers and the height of growth is different. If you combine your ground cover rose with perennials, you will create beautiful colour accents. For example, the combination of violet-flowering ornamental garlic with the almost white-flowered rose 'Sea Foam' is a feast for the eyes.


Winter protection


When you buy ground cover roses, you hardly have to deal with the subject of frost protection. It is not absolutely necessary to heap up the root area with soil in autumn. If you plant your roses deep enough (the grafting point should be about five centimetres deep in the ground), covering them with fir twigs is sufficient. This will protect the plants from drying out in the winter.

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