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Hedge plants

Common Holly 'Little Rascal' in a red, decorative pot

Ilex meserveae 'Little Rascal', the evergreen and compact growing ornamental plant

From £16.40 *

Dwarf Japanese Spiraea 'Neon Flash'

Spiraea japonica 'Neon Flash' with dark pink flowers

£16.40 *

Firstberry® Blue Moon

Sweet and sour berries that are ripe at the beginning of June

£19.40 *

Green Box-leaved Barberry 'Nana'

Berberis buxifolia 'Nana' forms evergreen, dark green leaves and has a wide, spherical...

From £7.90 *

Japanese Spiraea 'Double Play Red'®

Spiraea japonica 'Double Play Red'® has red flowers

£16.40 *

Japanese Spirea, Anthony Waterer Red Spirea

Spiraea japonica 'Anthony Waterer' - a small, hemispherical shrub

£8.90 *

Japanese Spirea, Little Princess Spirea

Spiraea japonica 'Little Princess'

£15.40 *

Moreberry® Firstberry®: two firstberries in one pot that help pollinate one another

Firstberry® Blue Moon and Firstberry® Blue Sea, Lonicera caerulea

£19.40 *

Shrubby Cinquefoil 'Dakota Sunspot'

Potentilla fruticosa 'Dakota Sunspot' has golden yellow flowers from June to October

From £9.90 *

Shrubby Cinquefoil 'Princess'

Potentilla fruticosa 'Princess'

£4.40 *


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