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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.

Lilac rarities

Rare lilacs at Lubera

The lilac world is full of rare lilacs waiting to be rediscovered! Syringa afghanica, Syringa swegiflexa and Syringa reflexa...

Lilac City of Toronto

A Japanese lilac with creamy white flowers and yellow autumn colouration

£16.40 *

No image available Lilac Minuet

An American lilac with a rich red flower colour

Instead of: £37.40 * £33.90 *

Lilac Miss Canada

An American lilac with tubular flowers

Instead of: £16.40 * From £14.90 *

Lilac Set 'Long Flowering'

Set of 6, lilac flowers from late April until well into July

Instead of: £96.90 * £85.40 *

Lilac Set 'Long Flowering' in Pink Shades

Set of 3, with pink lilac flowers from late April until well into July

Instead of: £48.90 * £42.90 *

Lilac Set 'Long Flowering' in White and Pink

Set of 3, with white and pink lilac flowers from late April until well into July

Instead of: £48.90 * £42.90 *

No image available Lilac Syringa reflexa

The arch-shaped lilac that is wonderful for honey bees

Instead of: £16.40 * £14.90 *

Lilacs Miss USA ®

White-flowered, American lilac (= 'Agnes Smith')

Instead of: £16.40 * £14.90 *

Syringa afghanica

Fragrant historical lilac with yellow autumn colour

Instead of: £42.90 * From £38.40 *

Syringa josiflexa 'James Macfarlane'

A strongly fragrant American lilac

Instead of: £16.40 * £14.90 *

Syringa swegiflexa

Strongly upright to funnel-shaped growing lilac

Instead of: £16.40 * £14.90 *


More information about rare lilacs


...belong to the lilac species that are still relatively rare in our European gardens. All three lilac types are characterised not only by their many flowers and their very own exotic scent but also by their splendid autumn colours. Also, the shape of the leaves and the growth habit are clearly different from the common lilac (Syringa vulgaris). Their arching, overhanging branches are another special feature of these rare ornamental shrubs. If your garden is too small for a lilac that grows up to 6-7 metres high, you can buy suitable unusual lilacs from our Lubera plant shop. The rediscovered wild lilacs are cultivars that fit into every garden as much smaller flowering shrubs and they also have a longer flowering period.


Rare lilacs from all over the world


Originating from China, the nodding lilac (Syringa reflexa), also called pendulous lilac, is a fantastic bee pasture with its fragrant flowers. In autumn its leaves turn an impressive, orange-yellow colour. Syringa afghanica, colloquially known as Afghan lilac, is a noble lilac with violet to lavender-blue flowers and a yellow autumn colour that is unusual for Syringa. The Afghan lilac belongs to the weakly growing dwarf lilacs. The Afghan lilac is mainly bought for its wonderful scent. And it is well suited for smaller gardens and for growing in containers.

As a particularly beautiful species, the pearl lilac (a cross between S. reflexa x S. sweginzowii) is also recommended. This lilac with its overhanging branches and the different colour intensity of its long flower panicles is a beautiful eye-catcher for all lilac lovers.

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