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Rhododendron hybrids

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Fruitful Soil No. 3 | Soil for Bog Beds

For bog beds & blueberries

From £18.90 *

Frutilizer® Instant Blue

Nutrient salt for blueberries and other acidic plants

From £9.90 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Alfred'

Upright habit, vigorous

£20.40 *

No image available Rhododendron Hybrid 'Anastasia'®

Wide, compact, medium high, large foliage

From £20.40 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Azurro'

Wide, compact, medium high

£20.40 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Belkanto'®

The rhododendron hybrid 'Belkanto'® surprises from mid-May with its orange-yellow...

From £21.40 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Berliner Liebe'

The rhododendron hybrid 'Berliner Liebe' captivates with its brilliant, light red...

From £20.40 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Bernstein'

Upright, later wide, round, medium high

£20.40 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Blaue Jungs'

Dark green, narrow foliage, round, compact, very hardy

£20.40 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Blue Peter'

The rhododendron hybrid 'Blue Peter' blooms from late May to mid-June in a light...

From £17.90 *

Rhododendron Hybrid 'Brasilia'

Compact, upright, wardii hybrid

From £20.40 *

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