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Lubera stops plant deliveries to the UK
Due to Brexit, we are not able to deliver to the UK. We are working on a solution on how we can continue to bring a wide range of Lubera plants to the UK and directly to our customers' homes in the future. However, such a solution will not be available before 2022 or 2023.


Bistorta Bistort Lubera

If you want to buy bistort you will find it in the Lubera Shop. Whether as ground cover, as a bedding plant or as a climbing plant: in the large family of these plants (Polygonaceae) you will find the right perennial for your garden.

Bistorta amplexicaulis 'Album'

Bistort/mountain fleece: a tall-growing, solitary perennial with terrific, white flowers

From £8.90 *

Bistorta amplexicaulis 'Fat Domino'

Mountain fleece 'Fat Domino'

From £8.90 *

Bistorta amplexicaulis 'Inverleith'

Bistort, mountain fleece

From £8.90 *

Bistorta amplexicaulis 'Orangofield' (S)

Mountain fleece 'Orangofield' (S)

From £8.90 *

Bistorta amplexicaulis 'Speciosum'

Bistort, mountain fleece

From £8.90 *

Persicaria filiformis

European bistort, fleece flower

From £6.40 *

Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon'

Knotweed, fleece flower

From £8.90 *


More information about bistortBistorta Bistort Lubera


Bistort has characteristic leaf nodes, which are more or less clearly visible on the plant stems, depending on the species. The family comprises of about a thousand different species worldwide, which are mainly native to the northern temperate zones. One of the best known wild forms in our latitudes is Bistorta officinalis, which decorates damp meadows with its pretty, light pink flower spikes; it can also be found at the edges of streams. For the garden, you can buy numerous valuable varieties, which are suitable for decorative perennial beds. Most of them bloom tirelessly from summer to autumn.



Buy from the Lubera® Garden Shop


In the Lubera online shop, you can buy many different types and varieties from white to pink to carmine. In recent years, changes in botanical naming have repeatedly caused confusion. Different species, which used to be called 'Polygonum', are now called 'Bistorta', 'Persicaria' and other genera. But enough plant Latin: let's just focus on the beauty of these perennial flowering plants and simply call them bistort.




These plants are often underestimated and therefore rather little used in gardens. This is a pity because they have a lot to offer: they flower over a long period of time, are robust and absolutely easy to care for. They are available in various growth types, from low ground cover to rhythmic bedding shrubs. Most species do not like dryness. They prefer a sunny to a semi-shady location with fresh, moist soil. With their slender flower spikes, they bring clear vertical structures into beds. An extremely decorative ground cover is Bistorta affinis, which covers the ground well and, where it likes it, spreads carpet-like with its rhizomes without proliferating. It blooms from July to frost and is very easy to grow as well as great for combining with woody plants. Especially compact is the variety 'Darjeeling Red', which grows about 15 to 20 cm high or the variety 'Dimity' is even smaller. Its flowers are pink at first and later turn into an attractive red. Bergenia or various sedges are suitable companions. If you want to buy one of these plants that grow higher, you should buy Bistorta amplexicaulis. Also known as red bistort or mountain fleece, it is native to the Himalayas and has candle-shaped, upright inflorescences. From July to October, the flowers open above dense foliage that effectively suppresses weeds and saves a lot of work in the perennial bed. In contrast to most other species, the candle types also tolerate drier soils. Very striking is the variety 'Firetail', which grows up to 120 cm high and has scarlet red flowers. If you want to buy this variety, you can combine it well with other perennials like autumn anemone, phlox or autumn aster.


Climbing types


Can you buy seeds? There are several seeds available from the wild form to meadow types. However, if you prefer a certain species and variety for your ornamental bed, you can buy ready-made plants. Bistort is not available only as a bedding plant, but also as a climbing plant (Fallopia aubertii). In our webshop, you can not only buy perennial but also creeping varieties. They climb up a trellis in no time at all and provide green walls within a short time. To prevent it from literally growing over your head, it is recommended that you prune back regularly during the winter months. The planting season lasts from spring to autumn.


Healing for sore throats


Did you know this? Bistorta officinalis is an old medicinal plant. The juice of its leaves is said to promote the healing of old wounds and the gargling of the tea helps with sore throats. Alternatively, you can also buy bistort candies. The contained bistort extract is said to help clear the respiratory tract.


Versatile and long-lasting


Apart from the many attractive varieties for the garden, there are one this species that you can do without. This is the Japanese (Reynoutria japonica), which is considered an invasive neophyte. But what if it should sneak into the garden unexpectedly? The most efficient method to deal with this is constant and consistent weeding, whereby the plant parts do not belong in the compost or in the green waste disposal, but must be disposed of separately, as new plants can develop from the smallest root parts. However, apart from this one invasive species, it is always worth buying bistort. This altogether very versatile plant family only gives pleasure in the garden. The many different species and varieties, from the ground-covering carpet-like plant to the impressive bedding shrub, are enriching and very easy to grow. They are the perfect choice for fresh and humid locations in semi-shade. With their long flower span, they accompany you until well into autumn with pastel to bright red shades.

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