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Cortaderia - Pampas grass

Pampasgras kaufen

Who does not know the imposing appearance of the American Pampas Grass? This ornamental grass is a beauty in the garden, and from late summer, it certainly grabs our attention.  It enchants the beholder with its large, fluffy flower fronds, which stand far above the arched, hanging leaves. In this respect, it is not surprising that pampas grass is especially effective as a solitary plant. If you have the necessary space, you can also plant pampas grasses in a group, which is especially beautiful on a lawn. If you buy pampas grass, the ornamental grass with its high stalks, is a beautiful eye-catcher, especially in the autumn garden. Lovers of special decorations also like to showcase their powdered flower fronds impressively in living rooms.

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) belongs, with its stately growth, to the conspicuous representatives of the grasses. Originally it comes from South America, where, as the name suggests, it can be found in the Argentine pampas. This ornamental grass loves warm and sheltered places. The sharp-edged leaves are in all pampas grasses barely more than a metre and form a dense clump. One should know that the popular inflorescences of ornamental grass usually develop only after a few years.

Planting Pampas Grass – A Decorative Look is Guaranteed

The varieties of Cortaderia selloana are easy to care for. However, they can often be very space-consuming in the growth width, which should be taken into account when choosing a location. In the Lubera® Garden Shop you will find proven varieties that are characterised by their compact habit, are very robust and inspire with their decorative creamy to beige panicles.

Evita is a fairly hardy pampas grass with a blue-green leaf colour, whose flowers protrude about 130 centimetres in height. A planting distance of about 80 centimetres is completely sufficient for accentuating sights.

• Also very popular is the variety Pumila, which is one of the toughest pampas grasses! It can also be effectively planted in a container. The pretty flower fronds grow about 120 inches high.

Cortaderia selloana 'Evita' (S)

Common pampas grass

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Common pampas grass

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Buying Pampas Grass – Worth Knowing

The species Cortaderia selloana, also called American pampas grass or silver pampas grass, belongs to the family of grasses (Poaceae). All pampas grasses are widespread in South America and New Zealand and are found mainly on sandy and silty soils. The clump of pampas grass is only about 80 - 100 centimetres high, whereas the inflorescences among the tall-growing varieties can rise up to 3 metres in height. Only female specimens form the lush panicles. The overhanging blades are usually wintergreen. Pampas grass is sensitive to frost and therefore requires winter protection.


If you buy pampas grass, you should choose a sunny, sheltered location – this is where it feels permanently well and its blades will not kink. A permeable and nutrient-rich soil that never completely dries out is conducive to its growth. However, this ornamental grass does not want to stand too damp. It will rot if there is permanent waterlogging. When choosing a location, you should therefore remember that no place should be chosen where water can collect (e.g. at the end of an embankment).



Planting and Nurturing Pampas Grass

Plant in the frost-free spring, as pampas grass needs heat to grow. It is best to work a bit of mature compost or horn shavings into the soil in order to cover the plant's nutrient needs. After planting, you should ensure that there is sufficient water intake. Make sure, however, that you always water sparingly, as pampas grasses tolerate dryness better than heavy moisture.

Fertilising Pampas Grass

Pampas grass grows in just a few weeks to a tall plant and forms impressive flowers. Because the plant needs a lot of nutrients for that, it should be given additional fertiliser when the soil is less than ideal. Well-suited organic fertilisers such as horn shavings or compost should be administered at the start of growth. Until flowering you can – at intervals of several weeks – apply more fertiliser. If you have a pampas grass planted in a container you should use a liquid fertiliser about every two weeks. Make sure, however, that you always fertilise moderately.

Winter Protection

Whoever wants to buy pampas grass, should know that a wet winter is a bad enemy and also that a severe frost can harm it. Therefore, in the autumn, tie its leaves to a tuft with a string in order to prevent the water from penetrating the heart area of ​​the grass. If you want to be on the safe side, additional padding (straw or dry leaves) can be placed inside the tuft. Furthermore, you can apply a leaf layer on the ground around the plant and cover it with brushwood.

Overwintering Pampas Grass in a Container

In a container, you should surround the planter with an insulating layer of bubble wrap and also apply the above measures for winter protection. You can also cover your grass with an air-permeable fleece.

Pruning Pampas Grass

It is best not to cut back until the spring – preferably after the last frost, from the end of April to mid-May, when you remove the winter and wet weather protection. The old stems with the fruit stalks are then removed at ground level. A radical cut is not required for pampas grass since the leaves are partially wintergreen. Therefore, remove only the dead leaves – especially for visual reasons – and make sure that you do not harm the young shoots. For protection against the sharp blade edges you should wear gloves.

Pampas Grass for Indoor Decoration

If you buy pampas grass, the inflorescences are a great decoration, especially in slim vases. Also in the form of wreaths and table arrangements, the distinctive fronds are perfect for a variety of stylish occasions. Cut the panicles and stalks best before full flowering. Then dry these in a shady place – then nothing stands in the way of a decorative arrangement.

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