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Antennaria dioica 'Rotes Wunder'

Red pussytoes

Antennaria dioica 'Rotes Wunder'


Article number: 2189211


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Product information "Antennaria dioica 'Rotes Wunder'"

Red pussytoes is a valuable plant for rock gardens. It forms low carpets with white, woolly-haired, lanceolate leaves that stand in rosettes. This perennial propagates itself by short runners and forms mats. Starting from mid-May until into June, small, red, basket-like flowers appear that are visited by bees. Antennaria preferably fully sunny locations with well-drained, calcareous, sandy, loam soils. It is particularly suitable as a ground cover perennial for rock gardens, stone enclosures, dry stone walls and green roofs; however it also can be very attractive in front of larger perennial beds.
Flower colour: Red
Flowering period: Early summer
Height: 10 cm
Light requirements: Sun
Location: Open areas, stone enclosures, mats
Leaf shape: Tongue-shaped
Leaf colour: Greyish green
Spacing: 15 - 20 cm
Use: Home gardens, front gardens, rock gardens, container plantings, grave plantings, green roofs
Special features: Food for bees
Family: Asteraceae
Compatibility: Plant in larger groups
Breeder: Schleipfer (D)
  • Flowering Period April, June
  • Final height 5cm to 10cm
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Soil dry, light
  • Location full sun
  • Flower Colour red
  • Leaf Colour green, grey

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