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Bergenia cordifolia 'David'

Heart-leaf bergenia

Bergenia cordifolia 'David'


Article number: 2189328


This product will be released at 1 March 2020

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Product information "Bergenia cordifolia 'David'"

Bergenia are very robust, undemanding and durable ornamental perennials that cover the ground. They spread slowly and extensively. Most varieties are evergreen. The variety 'David' has dark green, small, roundish to oval, leathery, toothed, winter green foliage above the dense, bright pink umbels that appear from April to May. It also has beautiful, dark red foliage during the winter months. This bergenia is a very compact variety with a particularly high ornamental value. It loves well-drained and nutrient-rich soils in sunny locations. Partial shade is also tolerated. It is suitable for plantings in flower beds and near all kinds of shrubs; it is also ideal for rock gardens, rock enclosures and stairways. This plant also feels comfortable in troughs and containers. Both the leaves as well as the flowers are ideal for bouquets.

Flower colour: Pink, red
Flowering period: Spring
Height: 30 - 45 cm
Light requirements: Sun, partial shade
Location: Open areas, rock enclosures, water’s edge
Evergreen: Evergreen
Leaf shape: Oval, round
Leaf colour: Green
Spacing: 30 - 40 cm
Hardiness zone: 3
Use: Home gardens, front gardens, rock gardens, container plantings, grave plantings, cottage gardens, ground cover, cut flower, public areas, roadside greenery
Specialities: Autumn colouration, ornamental, food for bees, particularly long-living
Family: Saxifragaceae
Compatibility: Plant individually or in small groups
Breeder: Eskuche (D)
  • Flowering Period March, April
  • Final height 20cm to 60cm
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil moist, moderately heavy, light
  • Location partial shade, full sun
  • Flower Colour red, pink
  • Leaf Colour green

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