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Floribunda 'Margaret Merril'®

Pure romantic in pastel colours

From £25.40 *

Rose Allotria (in a large container)

An orange-red floribunda, double flowers, fragrant, healthy

From £12.40 *

Rose Angie® (in a large container)

Apricot-coloured floribunda with large, double flowers

From £25.40 *

Rose Belle du Seigneur® (in a large container)

Hybrid tea with a delicate colour

From £22.40 *

No image available Rose Bicentenaire de Guillot® (in a large container)

A floribunda with an indescribable, crimson flower colour

Instead of: £23.90 * From £14.40 *

Rose Chartreuse de Parme ® (in a large container)

Charming, fragrant hybrid tea

From £25.40 *

Rose Coral Babylon

The rose with the red eye and pink flowers

From £23.40 *

Rose Cream Babylon

The rose with the red eye and white/yellow flowers

From £23.40 *

Rose Dame de Coeur

A dark red hybrid tea, large-flowered, double, vigorous

From £12.40 *

Rose Dolce Vita® (in a large container)

A particularly colourful floribunda

From £25.40 *

Rose Doris Tysterman

Salmon orange hybrid tea, medium-sized, healthy, vigorous

From £12.40 *

Rose Gene Tierney® (in a large container)

Tirelessly flowering floribunda with bright, golden yellow flowers

From £25.40 *

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