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English roses in pots (for balconies & terraces)

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Rose Boscobel (in a large container)

New English shrub rose, also for terraces

From £25.40 *

Rose Darcey Bussell® (in a large container)

Double blooms, compact habit, also for pots

From £20.40 *

Rose Jubilee Celebration® (in a large container)

Large flowers, round habit, also suitable for pots

From £25.40 *

Rose Lady of Megginch® (in a large container)

Novelty from Englahd; pinkish red, double, fragrant flowers

From £25.40 *

Rose Port Sunlight® (in a large container)

Orange-apricot flowers, willing to bloom and upright

From £25.40 *

Rose Princess Alexandra of Kent® (in a large container)

Novelty from Englahd; compact habit with a citrus fragrance

From £25.40 *

Rose Sophys Rose® (in a large container)

Ideal for flower beds/pots, compacter and bushier growth

From £25.40 *

Rose Summersong® (in a large container)

Bright copper-coloured, cup-shaped flowers

From £25.40 *

Rose Wild Eve® (in a large container)

Elegant, light pink, double, rosette flowers, healthy

From £25.40 *

Rose Wisley 2008® (in a large container)

Light pink, large, very unusual flowers

From £25.40 *

Rose Young Lycidas® (in a large container)

A magenta novelty, double flowers, fragrant

From £25.40 *

Set with 3 English roses for terraces

Fragrant, red-pink to orange-apricot English roses for terraces

Instead of: £101.40 * £91.40 *

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