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Hybrid teas

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Hybrid Tea 'Diamond Days'®

Elegant white flowers with a delicate, yellow centre - clear lines for all rose lovers

From £25.40 *

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Blue River'®

A violet-pink play of colours and an excellent fragrance

From £25.40 *

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Capri'®

Magnificent like a sunset at the Mediterranean Sea

From £25.40 *

Hybrid Tea Rose 'La Palma'®

A holiday and island feeling in orange

From £25.40 *

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Metro'®

A champagne-white beauty with a wonderful scent

From £25.40 *

Hybrid Tea Rose 'Terracotta'®

A strong but nevertheless velvety bronze red colour as an extraordinary eye-catcher in...

From £20.40 *

Hybrid Tea, ADR Rose Elbflorenz

A hybrid tea in an intense fuchsia pink, very robust

From £25.40 *

Nostalgic Hybrid Tea Mary Ann (in a large container)

A romantic hybrid tea with beautiful, dark orange buds and apricot-coloured flowers

From £25.40 *

Painter's Rose, Hybrid Tea Marc Chagall (in a large container)

A colourful, striped Delbard rose in fuchsia pink, soft pink, yellow and cream

From £25.40 *

Romantic Hybrid Tea Candlelight (in a large container)

Hybrid tea with endless, golden yellow petals

From £25.40 *

Rose Augusta Luise® (in a large container)

Nostalgic hybrid tea in peach

From £18.40 *

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