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Roseasy - the easy roses

Roseasy roses from Lubera

Roseasy® roses are small-flowered, scented roses that were bred by Magda Kobelt. These roses have many advantages: they are extremely easy to care for, readily flowering, fragrant and they have healthy growth.

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Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Birthday

The easy climbing rose in pure white

From £25.40 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Happy

The easy climbing rose in pink

From £25.40 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Just®

The easy climbing rose in red to dark red

From £25.40 *

Rose Kletterröslein Roseasy® Married® (in a large container)

The easy climbing rose in dark pink to white

From £25.40 *

Rose Roseasy® Aramis

The clove-like rose, semi-double, pink flowers

From £25.40 *

Rose Roseasy® Athos

Easy and pretty, light pink flowers, yellow stamens

From £25.40 *

Rose Roseasy® Porthos

Beautiful, simple rose in red with yellow stamens

From £25.40 *

Roseasy® Cardinal

A floribunda with beautiful, dark red flowers

From £25.40 *

Roseasy® Climbing Rose Cordial

Long flowering, robust shrub rose

From £25.40 *

Roseasy® Climbing Rose Willkommen

Semi-double and robust, a mini climbing rose in dark pink

£25.40 *

Roseasy® Fontana di Trevi

A floribunda with elegant, arched, overhanging growth

From £25.40 *

Roseasy® Fontana Geysir

A floribunda with semi-double, small flowers

From £25.40 *

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More information about Roseasy roses

These advantages make gardening with roses fun again. Magda Kobelt, Lubera’s rose breeder, developed the Roseasy roses for all uses. 'I've always not liked the necessary plant protection in my rose garden, so I was motivated to develop simpler roses with lower maintenance. With a fragrance and for all purposes.' Gardening with roses has never been this easy!


Roseasy roses are available in different growth forms


Roseasy ‘Floribunda Roses’

These are resistant, simple, small-flowered, compact and upright growing roses with a growth height of 80 to 90 centimetres.

Here we recommend Roseasy® Cardinal - a true flowering wonder among roses.


Roseasy ‘Climbing Roses’


Our mini climbing roses are disease resistant, have single flowers and are also very suitable for growing in pots. Their growth height is 150 to 200 centimetres.


Roseasy ‘Fontana Shrub Roses’


Our small shrub roses inspire with their arching, elegant growth and grow to a height of 100 to 140 centimetres.

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