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Old Roses & Wild Roses

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Dog Rose

Rosa canina

£8.40 *

Rambler Rose Bobby James / Bobbie James

Rambler rose in pure white

From £23.40 *

Rambler rose Chevy Chase

Rambler rose in deep red

From £23.40 *

Rambler rose Félicité et Perpétue

Rambler in creamy white

From £23.40 *

Rambler Rose Lykkefund

An almost thornless rambler

From £23.40 *

Rambler Rose Paul's Himalayan Musk

A rambler with strongly fragrant, light pink, double blooms

From £23.40 *

Rambler rose Perennial Blue®

Repeat-flowering rambler rose in pink-violet

From £23.40 *

Rambler Rose Super Dorothy

Rambler rose in pink

From £23.40 *

Rambling rose Albertine

Rambler Rose in salmon/apricot

From £23.40 *

Rambling rose Veilchenblau

Rambler rose in purple-violet

From £23.40 *

Rosa nitida (in a large container)

Small shrub rose, pure pink, simple flowers

From £23.40 *

Rose 'Hechtrose'

Rosa glauca (in a large container)

£23.40 *

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