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Seed Potatoes 'Bamberger Hörnla'

The old variety with the good flavour

Seed Potatoes 'Bamberger Hörnla'


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Product information "Seed Potatoes 'Bamberger Hörnla'"

This old type of Franconian potato belongs to a group of potatoes in various regions and countries, that have summit-like, crescent-shaped, elongated tubers, a fine-nutty aroma, firm, with a waxy, creamy texture. Another example is the French variety La Ratte. With the cultivation of the more than 150 years old variety Bamberger Hörnla, this variety also cultivates the cultural history, the history of nutrition, in the potato gained a central meaning on the continent (maybe also earlier?), also in Western Europe in the 19th century. In keeping with industrialisation, the potato was also something like the first convenience food: easy to grow, quickly cooked and pleasant to eat and, above all, it was filling.
Enjoying the variety Bamberg Hörnla is a special pleasure because the aroma, the nutty flavour really convinces. And finally, it is this taste, which is the only and most important reason to not only preserve this variety today, but also to grow it in your own garden. We recommend growing this potato together with the modern variety Sarpo Kifli®, which has similar tuber characteristics, but still a longer storage time. And then you can judge the old and the modern varieties in parallel and see the potato progress – and yet enjoy the most important of both varieties: the fine, creamy flavour of firm-cooking varieties!

Here are the advantages of the potato variety Bamberger Hörnla:
• An intense nutty taste
• Firm-coooking, with a delicate, creamy texture
• Ideal with asparagus and as a potato salad, even alone with a little butter and spices
• A variety with history; experience the history of potatoes!
Short Description

Brown-ochre-yellow, with a typical reddish glow, very fine
Solid, light yellow flesh
Medium early
Shelf life:
Very good storage due to long dormancy. The Bamberg Hörnla potato has the best flavour at the turn of the year
Cooking type:
Good for:
Potato salad, boiled potatoes, salted potatoes, also ideal with asparagus dishes
Intense nutty aroma, almost spicy
Waxy, juicy consistency, low dry matter content, firm bite and yet soft
This is a typical slow food plant. If you want to have high yields with Bamberg Hörnla, you have the wrong variety. Here the goal is the taste, the experience and not the mere yield. And of course, the aspect of having grown a variety that has been cultivated in the garden, in pots and eaten since 1854, i.e. for more than 150 years, is part of the overall experience of this variety.
Rather small, ideal also for growing in pots
Has no modern disease resistance, so it should be cultivated in an airy, well-ventilated location
The simplest recipe:
Clean well, boil for 20 minutes with a little salt and cumin, then serve fresh with butter and salt – divinely tasty!
  • Available February, March, April, May, June

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