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Lowberry® Blackberry Little Black Prince®

The World's First Compact Autumn Blackberry

Lowberry® Blackberry Little Black Prince®

Lubera Lowberries: The first balcony blackberry and raspberry

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Product information "Lowberry® Blackberry Little Black Prince®"

The world's first compact autumn blackberry

The Lowberry® Little Black Prince is a breakthrough in the breeding of blackberries for gardens and terraces/patios: it is thornless, it does not need a cumbersome support (because its shoots are stable and upright) and it bears fruit directly on this year's canes. And most importantly, Lowberry® Little Black Prince® already bears large, regularly shaped, tasty, black blackberries from the beginning of July and the harvest does not cease until the first frosts. And then there is another advantage in which this new blackberry variety from the Lubera breeding programme differs from all other blackberries: it is extremely compact and does not grow higher than 70-100 cm. This makes it ideal for using as a potted plant on a balcony or terrace.

Short description
Cultivation: Bears fruit on one-year-old canes, already in the first year if planted in March
Growth: Thornless, stable, compact, does not grow higher than 70-100 cm
Maturity: Mid-August to early October on the new canes; the maturity of last year's side shoots is earlier, from the beginning to the end of July
Fruits: Medium-sized, glossy, black blackberries; they are sweet and have a refreshing acidity when fully ripe
Growth: The shoots branch out only a little and form mostly terminal flower buds and fruits; the plant gets bushier every year and bears more fruit, as much light as possible, plant/place in full sun
The first everbearing blackberry
Like the autumn raspberries, Lowberry® Little Black Prince® also has the ability to form blossoms on this year's fresh grown shoots. These then bloom starting in July and bring the fruits to maturity starting in the middle of August. The fruits on the side shoots of last year’s canes mature already about 4-6 weeks before.
Pruning and cultivation
The Lowberry® Little Black Prince is a simple plant: it needs little space, can be planted in small gardens, or it grows well in containers with a volume of at least 10 litres. And the very best: pruning is easy! The stronger the last year’s canes are cut back in March, the more fruits are produced in the late harvest season in August/September (they are formed on the new shoots), and the taller the last year’s shoots are, the more fruits the Lowberry® Little Black Prince® bears on the lateral shoots of the old canes; these fruits are then already ripe in July.


Twotimer harvest on two-year-old canes:   For the autumn raspberries and autumn blackberries in the Lowfruit® series, there can be a second harvest on the two-year-old canes. For this purpose, do not completely cut back this year’s fruiting shoots in February, but shorten only those parts which have borne fruit. As a result, the raspberries will bear fruit in June/July and the blackberries in July. Keep in mind that the plant for the Twotimer® growing method needs more strength. They should therefore only be planted in larger containers and in addition, the amount of fertiliser should be increased.
  • Ripeness/Harvest Period August, September, October
  • Final height 80cm to 100cm
  • Final width 40cm to 60cm
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type deciduous
  • Sweetness moderately sweet
  • Use for containers, for group plantings, as a specimen plant
  • Hardiness hardy
  • Soil dry, moderately heavy, light, slightly alkaline, neutral, slightly acidic
  • Location partial shade, full sun
  • Flower Colour white
  • Leaf Colour green
  • Lubera Easy Tip Based on our experience in the variety tests but also in customer service, we have awarded this plant with the title “Lubera Easy Tip”. With this designation, we emphasise only those plants that according to our experience work (almost) everywhere; they are easy to grow and bear fruits or produce flowers quickly and without problems. These are plants that can be enjoyed immediately and without effort once planted.
  • Lubera Breeding This plant was bred by Lubera in Switzerland and placed on the market after extensive testing at our facilities in Buchs (CH) and Bad Zwischenahn (D). In 20 years of work, Lubera's founder and breeder Markus Kobelt has bred more than 80 of his own new varieties for the home garden; they all have the goal of providing you, our customers, with more experience and flavour, easier growing and more resistant, more robust varieties.

Customer comments "Lowberry® Blackberry Little Black Prince®"

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Take advantage of this form for your questions(s) about the product "Lowberry® Blackberry Little Black Prince®". Your question(s) and also the answers (from the Lubera® team and other garden friends) will be published here.

May 22, 2017

Yield? (Thomas)

Hi What is the expected yield of this plant and what is the earliest picking time? Thanx.

May 27, 2017

Yield! (Frank)

A novelty plant for the pot container enthusiast/amateur gardener, so do not expect big yields like normal blackberries though. Expect a kg when established, but if planted in the border maybe more.

Jun 25, 2018

Yield (Bob)

Rather straggly looking plants. I wouldn't imagine picking more than a 1kg if you're lucky. Get the Bigandearly instead, now that's a great plant to grow!

Nov 19, 2016

hardiness for the Lowberry cultivars? (Anna )

Hi there, do you have any inklings on the hardiness of Little Red Princess and Little Black Prince? I live far north and it's sometimes absolutely freezing here, so it would be good to know what temperature range they can survive! Best regards Anna

Nov 22, 2016

Hardiness (Sonja Dreher)

the Lowberries are not affected much by the cold, because they die back in Autumn an thrive from the rootstock in Spring. They can stand Temperatures down to - 20 degrees, if there is snow, then even more.
kind regards
Your Lubera Team

Nov 19, 2016

hardiness for the Lowberry cultivars? (Anna )

Hi there, do you have any inklings on the hardiness of Little Red Princess and Little Black Prince? I live far north and it's sometimes absolutely freezing here, so it would be good to know what temperature range they can survive! Best regards Anna

Feb 12, 2016

Little Black Prince (Mike)

Hi there, pity that, I'd wrongly thought you guys were now selling in the U.S and Fall Creek was licensed to sell your plants hence I asked question. Sorry for confusion. Best wishes Mike.

May 23, 2017

Plants (Frank)

I thought the raspberry dwarf plants were all the same thing as well, especially considering that there are videos on this site showing Fall Creek with Lubera. Easy to confuse these plants together.

Feb 3, 2016

'Baby Cakes' new dwarf Fall Creek blackberry! (Mike)

Hi, you guys must have strong associations with Fall Creek as do most quality plant companies with joint breeding programs, your primocane plant 'Little Black Prince' is very similar to Fall Creek's Baby Cakes™ ‘APF-236T’ new dwarf blackberry which is awaiting a US patent for 2017. Are they actually one and the same plant and Lubera is now entering the US market? By the way Fall Creek also have Raspberry Shortcake or NR7 repackaged in Europe as Raspberry Ruby Beauty. Good day!

Feb 4, 2016

Baby Cakes' new dwarf Fall Creek blackberry! (markus kobelt)

Little Black Prince has nothing to do with Fall creeks Variety.

Fall creek has no own breeding program, but is bringing the varieties of the university of Arkansas.

Or own breeding also started with the first Primocane varieties from Arkansas, and so is based on the same genetics

Dec 14, 2015

Fruit yield? (Jane)

Hi, I am eager to know how much fruit would one Little Black Prince plant give in a year in a patio tub? Being much smaller and more of a novelty plant than your traditional hedge/ground planted heavy bearers like Navaho or Chester the fruit load would be considerably less.

Nov 29, 2015

Navaho primocane types! (Dave)

I read with interest about this new Lowberrh blackberry cultivar from Lubera, but as I prefer my plants to be bigger like the more traditionally sized Bigandearly and Summer long cultivars which I successfully grow in the UK, may I ask if Lubera intends to make a Navaho type primocane similar to these two rather than focusing on dwarf type varieties? Thankyou and congratulations with your new plant types!

Dec 1, 2015

Navaho primocane types! (Dave) (sonja dreher)


in fact we do already have a primocane type of Blackberries.
It's Name is "Direttissima Montblanc".
It bears fruits on this year's shoots. Ripening starts at middle of August. It has very big fruits with a good aroma and of balanced sweet- and sourness.

with kind regards
Sonja Dreher

Sep 26, 2015

Pruning (Louise Hewison)

I'm a little confused. I am interested in these smaller shrubs do to space limitations on my garden. The description states that it's full height when grown is 100cm yet in another question on this product Mr Johnson was advised to prune it back to 200 cm. From what I can see in the Cultivation section it says to prune to 20m (is this cm or meters?). The numbers are not making sense to me, can someone advise please?

Nov 30, 2015

pruning (sonja dreher)

2m normally means two meters, which is about 6ft., but this is a mistake. These Blackberries only grow up to 3ft.
They should be pruned to 10 inches in March.
We will correct this information immediately.
kind regards
your Lubera Team

Sep 23, 2015

Blackberry Little Black Prince (George johnson)

We bought 2 of these from you this year and they are both doing well. In your cultivation section it suggests pruning them to 2m. What is the m stand for, cm or mm? Regards George Johnson

Sep 24, 2015

Blackberry Little Black Prince (sonja dreher)

2m normally means two meters, which is about 6ft., but this is a mistake. These Blackberries only grow up to 3ft.
They should be pruned to 10 inches in March.
We will correct this information immediately.
kind regards
your Lubera Team

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