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Gooseberry Crispa® Greenling®

Green gooseberry with good tolerance to mildew

Gooseberry Crispa® Greenling®


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Product information "Gooseberry Crispa® Greenling®"

A distinctly green Crispa® gooseberry variety has been missing in our range – and here it is: Crispa
Greenling®. Like the other new Crispa® varieties, Darling®, Nibbling®, Solemio® and Goldling®, Crispa Greenling® bears large to very large fruits that are slightly larger than the previous green gooseberry standard variety Invicta...Greenling® is only much better, sweeter and also juicier; the fruits are not hairy and its resistance to scab is also better than the older, green varieties. With this new variety, the entire colour spectrum is available in the Crispa® gooseberry series.
Red: Crispa Nibbling® and Crispa Darling®
Yellow: Crispa Goldling® and Crispa Solemio®
Green: Crispa Greenling®!
Short Description of Gooseberry Crispa® Greenling®
Maturity/harvest: End of June, average maturity.

Fruits: Very large, beautifully green coloured, the veins are less visible, so that a greener
character results, no hair.

Flavour: Juicy, aromatic, with a hint of sourness, but pleasant.

Use: Ideal for eating fresh, but also for cakes and canning.

Plant spacing: Approx. 60-90 cm.
Location/growth: Greenling® prefers sun, but can also be grown in partial shade. Note: even with green varieties, it can lead to fruit burns in early and mid-summer, if the sun exposure is too high.

Training/pruning: Greenling® is slightly wider than e.g. Darling®, but fits well with our selection scheme in which we prefer upright growing varieties.
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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