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Bundle with 36 Primeberries Autumn Best

Enough plants for a row approx. 8-10 m in length

Bundle with 36 Primeberries Autumn Best


Article number: 34760


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Product information "Bundle with 36 Primeberries Autumn Best"

The bundle contains 36 autumn raspberries primberry Autumn Best:
Cultivation: Bears fruit on this year’s canes, all canes should be cut back to the ground in February of the following year
Maturity: Begins about 10 days after Autumn First, until mid-October
Fruits: Very large, firm, conical, beautiful, gourmet flavour
Growth: Slightly longer and slightly less stable than the canes of Autumn First, needs a simple framework in any case
Health: Robust, healthy, resistant to cane diseases, no worms
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
  • Plant Type deciduous
  • Sweetness sweet
  • Lubera Breeding This plant was bred by Lubera in Switzerland and placed on the market after extensive testing at our facilities in Buchs (CH) and Bad Zwischenahn (D). In 20 years of work, Lubera's founder and breeder Markus Kobelt has bred more than 80 of his own new varieties for the home garden; they all have the goal of providing you, our customers, with more experience and flavour, easier growing and more resistant, more robust varieties.

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