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Raspberry Specialities

Frutilizer® Instant Solution Fe

Nutrient salt with plant-ready iron

From £9.90 *

Lowberry® Raspberry Little Red Princess®

The World's First Compact Autumn Raspberry

From £9.90 *

Lowberry® Raspberry Little Sweet Sister®

The fastest of all Raspberries

From £9.90 *

Raspberry Black Jewel

Rubus occidentalis 'Black Jewel' - Bears fruits on the 2-year-old canes

From £6.90 *

Raspberry Primeberry® Malling Passion®

Purple autumn raspberry with an exotic taste, very unique!

From £7.40 *

Raspberry Salmonberry 'Olympic Double'

Spectacularly flowering raspberry from North America, vibrant red fruits

From £7.40 *

Raspberry Salmonberry 'Pacific Rose'

summer raspberry from North America, also for humid sites

From £7.40 *

Strawberry-Raspberry 'Sweet Balloon'

Rubus illeceborus, the ground-covering raspberry

£7.90 *


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