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Wild fruits, Vital fruits

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Goji berry Turgidus®

Lycium barbarum Turgidus, the large, sweet goji berry

From £17.40 *

Goji Lubera® Instant Success

The absolute vitamin bomb!

From £8.40 *

Goji Sweet Amber®

The absolute vitamin bomb!

£14.90 *

Large-fruited Physalis Pa 1517-33

The cape gooseberry with large and exotic fruits

From £4.90 *

Moreberry® Firstberry®: two firstberries in one pot that help pollinate one another

Firstberry® Blue Moon and Firstberry® Blue Sea, Lonicera caerulea

£19.40 *

Raisin Tree 'Korinth'

Hovenia dulcis - the Japanese raisin tree with the sweet pseudo-fruits

£29.40 *

Saskatoon berry Saskablue®

An Indian health source

£19.40 *

Saskatoon berry Saskalate®

The latest of the Saskatoon berries

£19.40 *

Schisandra chinensis WuWeiZi 'Take 5'

Promotes libido / cleans the vascular system

£19.40 *

Sea Buckthorn 'Botanica'

The summer sea buchthorn

From £8.40 *

Sea Buckthorn Garden's Gift

The autumn sea buchthorn

From £8.40 *

Sea Buckthorn Leikora

Attractive, particularly rich in vitamins, large-fruited

£19.40 *

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