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Elderberry Instant Karma®

Sambucus nigra 'Sanivalk': the elderberry with the variegated leaves

Elderberry Instant Karma®


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Product information "Elderberry Instant Karma®"

The ornamental elderberry Instant Karma® has a much nicer and brighter marking than other variegated Sambucus varieties: the deep green leaves with the initially golden, then later cream white edges shine from afar and enrich your garden with a second source of light. The beautiful, compact habit and the ornamental foliage also make it possible to use Instant Karma® as a perennial in mixed perennial plantings that should be cut back regularly. As a larger shrub (2 m high) and as a standard (3 m high), the fragrance and use of the flowers and fruits are added to the ornamental value of the leaves.
Short Description of Elderberry Instant Karma®
Flowers/fruits/harvest: Large, fine, white flower umbels, which then turn purple-black in autumn and can be processed like normal elderberries. However, the harvest is significantly lower than e.g. the yield of elderberry Haschberg. It seems that the combination with other elderberry varieties (ornamental elderberries or yielding elderberries) can increase the yield and the batch of berries.
Flavour: Typical elderberry taste, the colour is slightly lighter than Haschberg.
Use: In the garden, the ornamental elderberry Instant Karma® rewards the gardener with double joy; first with its brightly shining, variegated foliage and of course also with its flowers and fruits. Elderberry Instant Karma® can be grown as a bush or as a standard. The use as a perennial in a mixed border is also quite striking; the shrub is cut back to a stub each year (mid-February) and then it develops new shoots every year like a perennial.
Plant spacing: As a perennial: 80 cm, as a bush: 150 cm, as a standard: 200 cm
Location/growth: Beautifully bushy, typical for elderberry growth; the variegated leaves start with a deep green colour and golden edges, the edges then later turn more and more creamy white.
Pollination: Partially self-fertile, cross-pollination seems to improve the yield and fruit set.
Training/pot cultivation: Elderberry is unfortunately not the best potted plant; the fleshy, flat, plate-shaped roots are not comfortable in pots, so rather plant it in the garden. By the way: this is exactly why it is always very important when planting elderberries to tear open the root ball, to brutally cut it open.
How can the elderberry Instant Karma® be trained and pruned?
Training the elderberry Instant Karma® as a perennial
Cut back all of the shoots at the end of February/beginning of March to a stub, that is, cut them back to one eye. In order to not always have the stub get bigger and uglier, it can also be cut back completely, as there are always enough dormant buds on the elderberry, which then will sprout.
Training the elderberry Instant Karma® as a shrub
  • The shrub should not be cut for 2 years. After that, cut out 1-2 shoots (the thickest and oldest) every year in order to force the formation of new shoots.
  • Please note that elderberries usually bear the largest and most beautiful flower umbels and fruits on 2-year-old wood, after which the fertility somewhat decreases each year.
  • Therefore it makes sense to renew the shrub regularly, in order to let new wood and thus large flower umbels develop time and again.
Training the elderberry Instant Karma® as a standard
  • After planting, all of the shoots are also cut back to a stub.
  • Once the resulting new shoots grow to about 20-30 cm high, the strongest branch is selected and tied to a pole or bamboo stake; all the other shoots are removed.
  • Once the trunk/main branch has reached the desired crown height in the first or second year, it is cut to form side branches – then the crown forms.
  • Each year in the crown, the shoots that have flowered and fruited are removed to a stub and the freshly grown branches are kept, as they will bloom and fruit the best with the most beautiful fruits in the following year. The result is a compact and yet round standard, which radiates a golden green colour in the garden almost like a second sun.
  • Available March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

Customer comments "Elderberry Instant Karma®"

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