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XXL Berries

Currant Luberissima® Black'n'Red® Premiere®

The first currant with ornamental, red leaves

£41.90 *

Luberissima Blueberry Blautropf®

The blueberry with teardrop-shaped berries

£48.90 *

Luberissima Blueberry Blue Dessert®

The late, aromatic variety

£48.90 *

Luberissima Blueberry Bluecrop

The standard blueberry variety

£48.90 *

Luberissima Blueberry Bluesbrothers

The most compact, the bushiest, the most productive

£48.90 *

Luberissima Blueberry Buddy Blue

The latest blueberry and pollinator for Pink Lemonade

£48.90 *

Luberissima Blueberry Duke

An early blueberry with beautiful, upright growth

£48.90 *

Luberissima Blueberry Pinkberry® Pink Lemonade®

Sweet berries and great decoration for every bog garden

£48.90 *

Luberissima Lowberry® Blueberry Little Blue Wonder

The robust and very compact blueberry

£48.90 *

Luberissima Yellow-leaved Blueberry Yelloberry® Blue

The blueberry with the yellow leaves

£48.90 *


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