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Flat delivery fee £4.95, for all plants (excepted areas see here).
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Aubergine 'Applegreen'

Solanum melongena 'Applegreen', the greenish aubergine with early ripening and a high...

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Casper'

Solanum melongena 'Casper', the mild, white aubergine with snow white flesh

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Edirne Purple Striped'

Solanum melongena 'Edirne Purple Striped', the best striped aubergine variety

From £4.90 *

Aubergine 'Japanese White Egg'

Solanum melongena 'Japanese White Egg', white, egg-shaped fruits

From £4.90 *

Perennial Kale 'Daubenton's Green'

Brassica oleracea var. acephala - the kale that grows like a tree

From £6.90 *

Rhubarb Early Green

Giant, green stalks

From £12.90 *

Rhubarb Himbeerrot

Large and strong stalks, very reliable yields

From £12.90 *

Rhubarb Livingstone

The harvest lasts until autumn

From £12.90 *

Rhubarb Siruparber Canada Red®

The mild rhubarb

From £12.90 *


Sium sisarum, a perennial root vegetables with a sweet flavour

From £6.90 *


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