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DeliDahlias from LuberaThe Aztecs used dahlia tubers as food. After a good 500 years, we have tried to renew this tradition and have selected the best, edible dahlias for our DeliDahlias range.

DeliDahlia® Hapet® Black Jack

Reminiscent of asparagus and kohlrabi

£5.40 *

DeliDahlia® Hapet® Buga München

Reminiscent of fresh parsley

£5.40 *

DeliDahlia® Hapet® Fantastic

Sour, smoky-perfumed, very interesting

£5.40 *

DeliDahlia® Hapet® Hoamatland

The flavour is reminiscent of black salsify

£5.40 *

DeliDahlia® Hapet® Kennedy

Reminiscent of fennel and celery

£5.40 *


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Discover our tasty dahlias!



Why buy the DeliDahlias from Lubera?


For two years, we have systematically cultivated K&K dahlias at our two nurseries in Bad Zwischenahn (Germany) and in Buchs (Switzerland); we have carefully harvested the plants in autumn and then we prepared, cooked and ate them. Actually, the verb "to taste" would be more appropriate: we cooked the edible dahlias in a similar way in a pressure cooker (10-15 minutes), we served them without spices and without side dishes in order to really perceive their own taste. Afterwards, we tested each variety with several test persons (also once with the entire staff) to get comparable and stable results and to select the best-tasting dahlias. 

Feedback from customers to whom we had sent free packages of test dahlias as part of a newsletter campaign in the spring of 2014 was also helpful. This immense work, comparable to the tasting of wines, will continue in the coming years and lead to more DeliDahlias.




It should not be forgotten that for at least 500 years the dahlias were not selected for their tuber quality or taste, but only for their wonderful and opulent flowering. To make up for all this now in two years would be a bit daring; nevertheless, thanks to the broad and intensive testing, we have been able to select very interesting and good tasting, edible dahlias.




Now you may ask yourself: what do dahlias actually taste like? The first answer is this: very different, but often very intense! We at Lubera have tested many root vegetables and root crops in recent years, but neither the sweet potatoes nor the oca nor other South American root crops had such an intense and also different taste of their own. Many varieties obviously have a high content of essential oils, which literally get into your nose and can be too intense for some varieties. Another exclusion criterion was if the cooked tubers were too fibrous. On the one hand, this is a variety characteristic (and we did not select such varieties), on the other hand, some fibrousness also occurs to a greater extent in old tubers, which is why we recommend old tubers only for Rösti and the like; for preparation as a vegetable one should limit oneself to the younger outer tubers. The dahlias found in this selection process sometimes have a fine and subtle taste of asparagus, black salsify and nuts, some varieties also have a more vegetable-like taste of their own, which is more reminiscent of kohlrabi, parsley, celery and, more rarely, fennel.




But you won't know for sure until you have tried these dahlias yourself. First enjoy the explosive growth of the young dahlias in May and June, then the impressive and opulent flowers throughout the summer. And when the entire splendour comes to an end, a whole new story begins with the dahlias: digging up, preparing, cooking, trying out and enjoying...and telling the story of the DeliDahlias.


Also for pots


Three of the presented edible dahlias can also be grown well in a container due to their compact growth. Thanks to the rapid warming, the loose substrate and the good nutrition, edible dahlias develop an above-average amount of fine tubers. These can also be harvested more easily and more gently than field dahlias (simply dump and shake out).


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