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Tomato Fleece / Plant Protection Cover

For protecting tomatoes during cold weather

Tomato Fleece / Plant Protection Cover


Article number: 2200586


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Product information "Tomato Fleece / Plant Protection Cover"

The plant protection cover, which is often used as a tomato fleece, provide a solution to a common garden problem: the plants have just started well, and a storm already threatens, a late spring frost, a heavy rain, hail, whatever it may be, but you have nothing to hand to protect your own favourite plants. Or the harvest is imminent and long periods of rain are on the way and you want to protect the fruits from bursting...
That's exactly what the Tuba plant protection fleece is for: a fleece that is 10 m in length and with a diameter of 0.75 cm, just right for your plants in need of protection. It can easily protect 10 of your plants. Simply cut the fleece into pieces, carefully place it over the plants and tie it up firmly and slightly together at the bottom – and then the perfect weather protection is already installed...
  • Available February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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