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Potato Plant 'Mayan Gold'

The double-use potato with ornamental and nutritional value, in a Speedpot

Potato Plant 'Mayan Gold'


Article number: 2200472


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Product information "Potato Plant 'Mayan Gold'"

Edible gold from the Andes

'Mayan Gold' is in many ways the OTHER potato: not only does it have the most intense taste of all the potatoes, it is also one of the most beautiful: the deep yellow flesh, the elongated shape and then of course the many beautiful flowers make 'Mayan Gold' a real beauty. Especially because of its decorative value, it is also particularly suitable for growing in an excellent position in the garden (meaning rather not in the classic, hidden potato bed). Or it can also be grown in a container or pot with a volume of at least 10 L. In your garden, you are then organising something like a journey into the past, into the original home of our potatoes, a trip to South America. And since there is still a huge variety of potatoes there is probably also a part of the future of the potato in there; this wealth can then be used when breeding new varieties, as was the case with 'Mayan Gold'.
Why is the potato 'Mayan Gold' so different from the other potato varieties?
The potato 'Mayan Gold' goes back to another subspecies. 'Mayan Gold' is not from the botanical origin Solanum tuberosum, but from Solanum phureja. The name is somewhat misleading; it would have to be called Inca Gold, as Solanum phureja comes from South America and not like the Maya from Central America. 'Mayan Gold' was created by the Scottish Potato Breeding Institute, which initially had to adapt the species to European conditions in a complicated crossing programme. Not only do the gold potatoes have to withstand more coolness and rain here, but during the growth period the long day prevails, which the species first had to get used to.
In contrast to the classical potatoes, 'Mayan Gold' is diploid (not tetraploid), so has "only" a double set of chromosomes; This variety or variety group is thus closer to the original wild potatoes than the modern cultivars.
Short Description

Deep yellow flesh colour thanks to the high carotenoid content
Very elongated shape
Beautiful red-violet, makes many berries. Note: the berries are poisonous!
Medium early
Good for:
Roasted potatoes and purees
Intense, fine potato flavour, nutty, concentrated, high dry matter content
Creamy, but rather dry
Very many tubers produce rather high yields thanks to their medium size
Very strong growing, unusual leaf shape, very many flowers, has a very high ornamental value
Plant in April to July for yields at the end of July to September
Resistance to spots on the skin and scab; moderate susceptibility to late blight
  • Available May, June, July, August

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