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Potato Plant 'Sarpo Una'

An aromatic potato with a short cultivation time, in a Speedpot

Potato Plant 'Sarpo Una'


Article number: 2200480


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Product information "Potato Plant 'Sarpo Una'"

The early variety that is especially ideal for growing in pots and for a second harvest

Sarpo® Una is the perfect variety for growing in pots and for harvesting early. Here you do not have to make quality cuts if you want to enjoy early potatoes in June/July. This short cultivation period combined with the compact growth and good disease resistance makes Sarpo® Una one of the best potato varieties for growing in pots. Therefore, we also offer this variety not only as seed potatoes, but also as Speedpots, as highly developed young plant in a 1 L pot, with which the harvest is possible even faster, usually after six weeks. Incidentally, Sarpo® Uno is also firm-cooking, does not break apart when cooking, making it perfect for boiled potatoes and salt potatoes. With a slightly longer growth period, it can also be used as a baked potato.
Here are the benefits of the Una potato variety:
• Perfect for growing in pots
• A very early harvest after 6-8 weeks is possible
• Flexible variety, can be cultivated much longer thanks to good plant health and then provides very large yields
Short Description

Beautifully pink
Pure white
Reddish purple
Early to very early, with an early harvest possible starting in June. Like Vitabella, however, this variety is also very well suited for cultivating in sets, where fresh seed potatoes or Speedpots are planted every month – in order to allow a correspondingly consecutive harvest of fresh potatoes for direct use.
Shelf life:
Despite the early maturity very easy to store. This is due to the strong dormancy typical of Sarpo® potatoes.
Cooking type:
(Very) firm-cooking
Good for:
Salt potatoes as they do not fall part; boiled potatoes; when harvesting later, Sarpo® Una can also be used as a baked potato.
Very aromatic, pronounced “new potato flavour” when harvested early
Hard, good bite, but then creamy in the mouth
High, very good, especially for an early variety; if you let the potatoes grow longer (i.e. not harvest as an early variety) the yield will be very high.
Early cultivation/time up until the harvest:
Can be forced; plant early and possibly equip with a fleece so that the potatoes can already be harvested about 60 days after planting. When planting Speedpots (for example, in a container or as a small group of plants in the vegetable garden), the potatoes can be harvested after about 6 weeks, if you are really hungry for potatoes.
Not quite as vigorous, but catches up with its extended cultivation period
Very good tolerance to late blight, good overall tolerance against other diseases, also withstands dryness well
  • Available May, June

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