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Potato Plant Solasana 'Vitabella'

The early potato with resistance to Phytophthora, in a Speedpot

Potato Plant Solasana 'Vitabella'


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Product information "Potato Plant Solasana 'Vitabella'"

The resistant, early variety, light-skinned

The robust and resistant potato variety Vitabella is the perfect complement to the other resistant potato variety, which we also distinguish with our brand for extremely robust potatoes Solasana®. While Solasana® Sarpo® Axona covers the medium and late ripening season, i.e. satisfies the demand for potatoes in summer and autumn, Solasana® Vitabella can be used as an early variety. The two varieties also complement each other in use: Vitabella is perfect for potato salads, boiled potatoes, salt potatoes, while the floury-cooking Axona is better for rösti, fried potatoes and the like. And as if this perfect fit of the early variety Vitabella should be underlined with its resistant and late-maturing colleague variety, they also complement each other in colour: Vitabella is light-skinned and Axona is red-skinned!
For a natural and chemical-free cultivation in the garden and containers, Axona and Vitabella are perfectly suitable varieties.
Advantages of the new potato variety Solasana® Vitabella

• Resistant to late blight
• Fast formation of tubers, good tuber growth, early harvest already in June and July
• Firm skin, even when harvested early
• Firm-cooking
• Ideal for repeated cultivation in the garden, also consecutively
How to grow potatoes consecutively in sets
Immediately after the first harvest, the second set is planted in the same place! Or several sets of container potatoes in a row! Note: the potato cultivation at the same location should never happen several years in a row because diseases can arise. However, in the same year, a second harvest in the same location is possible, which of course helps save space in the garden. Potato varieties such as Sarpo® Una and Solasana® Vitabella are particularly suitable for this secondary set.
When should Vitabella be planted and harvested?
Planting in April leads to a reliable harvest in June and July.
When planting Lubera® Speedpots, which means strong potato seedlings in 1.3 L pots, they can also be planted in May. Speedpots are also very suitable for late plantings in June, July and August, which ensure a continuous harvest in the garden and also in the pots. For example: in April to July, plant four 10 L pots with Speedpot seedlings or seed potatoes each month and this will result in the harvest of one, large, full-grown potato plant per week from June to September/October. And that means this: a weekly meal for a family of four is ensured!
Short Description

Bright, yellow skin
Light yellow
Uniform, oval-shaped; elegant, fine appearance
Vitabella is the perfect potato variety for fast crops and an early harvest. It even ripens a little earlier than Sarpo® Una. Vitabella is also suitable for growing in pots: thanks to the short cultivation time, several sets can be grown; the last potato pots can also be started in August and harvested in October. Vitabella also quickly forms a firm skin, so it can be quickly harvested despite the early ripening period and does not have to stay in the ground for a long time to reach maturity.
Cooking type:
Good for:
Boiled potatoes, potato salad, salt potatoes, fried potatoes, fries.
Aromatic potato flavour and a fine-celled, "creamy" texture
Despite the short cultivation time it has surprisingly good yields. The variety cultivated by Planteria in the Netherlands is also cultivated on a larger scale in organic farming, especially in Switzerland.
Vital and strong, but not as strong as Axona
Robust against late blight and against various viruses.
  • Available May, June, July, August

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